How about mobile air conditioner? Advantages and disadvantages of mobile air conditioners

With the advancement of technology, the types of air conditioners are also increasing. There is an air conditioner that does not need to be installed with an outdoor unit and can be moved at will. Everyone enters the life of the air conditioner . This is a mobile air conditioner . So how about a mobile air conditioner? What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile air conditioners? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will give you an answer one by one, let's take a look.






How about mobile air conditioner?


Many people may question the effect of such small air conditioning refrigeration or heating. Generally speaking, the power and cooling capacity of mobile air conditioners are basically the same. The air circulation of mobile air conditioners can maintain indoor and outdoor air exchange, so There will be no air conditioning disease. The indoor temperature of mobile air conditioners will not fall too low. Its main function is to reduce the temperature locally, so it should be considered according to the actual situation at the time of purchase.






Advantages and disadvantages of mobile air conditioners:


Advantages and disadvantages of mobile air conditioners - advantages:


1. The cooling effect in the local range is faster than that of the ordinary air conditioner. For example, to prevent the computer, instrument and other equipment from overheating, the air outlet can be directly adjusted to the front direct blowing state to achieve the cooling effect.


2, do not have to consider the location of the outdoor unit, as easy as a fan, plug and play. For example, the overtime work of an office building, just use the exhaust duct to discharge the hot air to a distant place, and immediately have a cool space.


3, equipped with a universal wheel, can be moved to the desired place, more convenient and practical. For example, both the guest room and the kitchen can be moved at will.


4. Mobile air conditioners provide irreplaceable convenience for places where outdoor units cannot be installed, and are the best complement to central air conditioners.


Advantages and disadvantages of mobile air conditioners - disadvantages:


The range of cooling is small, not suitable for large places; general mobile air conditioners are only used for cooling, not for heating.


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