High and Low Temperature Tensile Testing Machine Maintenance Items

The instruments need longer service life, and the maintenance of high and low temperature tensile testing machines should pay attention to the following points:
1, the control panel on the temperature control table, timers and other parts of the function should be avoided in the following places: falling into the water, oil splashing place or place where there are many dust. There is steam or corrosive gas in the place outside the setting, etc. In places where it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time, other places where temperature, humidity, and impact are exceeded, and the switches and power switches of compressors for high and low temperature tensile testing machines may not be switched on for a short period of time. The switching time shall be 5 More than minutes or longer, otherwise the refrigeration compressor will be damaged.
3, high and low temperature tensile testing machine during the test, must open the test chamber door, please be sure to turn off the agency power, so as to avoid danger, if you do not turn off the power, please pay attention to safety (observation window selection)
4, if the continuous use for a long time or open the test room door, the test room will produce frost (mist) you must first remove the frost (mist) before testing 5. When the test is completed, please turn off the power and remove the frost ( Fog) to avoid the formation of water ice, affect the test and produce rust.
6, always wipe the high and low temperature tensile testing machine, maintenance personnel operation and responsibility for safekeeping, if there is abnormal movement of the organization, please immediately help eliminate maintenance or telephone contact the company, do not continue to use abnormal damage caused, and according to Operation guide to avoid improper use

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