Hair removal products preemptively occupy franchise store channels

It is reported that the domestic hair removal products industry has huge market potential and increase, and its sales channels are still in a relatively simple state. Most domestic hair removal products are based on the agent model, and then the chain cosmetics stores in various provinces and cities are sold. Wei Ting, a well-known domestic hair removal brand, its main sales channels are Watson's and Wanning's national chain stores.

Hair removal products preemptively occupy franchise store channels

With the continuous development and maturity of China's hair removal products market, many brands have rushed to franchise store channels as the main battlefield for sales. Wei Ting, who is aware of the competition, has begun to adjust the channel mix and began to penetrate bottom-up from the terminal stores in various regions.

Currently in the Chinese cosmetics market, the large chain franchise Tina has gradually become the mainstream channel for brand development and sales. Whether it is the daily chemical line brand or the professional line brand, it has realized the importance of the franchise store channel for brand development and competition for the market, and it has become the “immediate task” for the domestic hair removal product brand to seize the terminal market. Many hair removal products companies have already increased the proportion of products in the specialty store channels into the strategic planning of brand development.

According to relevant statistics, the proportion of domestic hair removal products in franchise stores has gradually increased. Among them, Weiting’s proportion in franchise stores has reached 80%, Marbella has also reached 70%, and the proportion is 50%. From cosmetics franchise stores and pharmacy channels. To a certain extent, hair removal products favor the national chain cosmetics franchise stores, mainly to enhance the brand's popularity and image in the hearts of consumers.

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