Gold powder compacts for carrying makeup

In the sultry summer, makeup is everywhere. The meticulous makeup is unrecognizable in the morning, and it really makes people one big and two big. Our most common way to make up is to carry powder at any time with makeup. A gold-colored powder cake is definitely a makeup tool that you can carry with you.

1. Dream makeup wisdom sunscreen powder SPF30+/PA+++Â¥165/15g

Dream makeup wisdom sunscreen powder

Effectively separates UV damage while gently applying skin color, making it easy to create a transparent, clean look. It has a clear skin tone and a refreshing and delicate skin feel. It moisturizes and soothes and inhibits sebum shines, and carefully cares for beautiful and full of vitality.

2, Maybelline New York fine white dual-use powder cake SPF30+/PA+++Â¥149/7.5g

Maybelline New York fine white dual-use powder

Specially added pomegranate seed extract, starting from the bottom of the muscles, helps to inhibit the formation of melanin to dilute the pigmentation, from the inside out, double effect whitening. SPF30+/PA+++, specially designed for women with whitening sunscreen and high concealer needs. 5 color numbers for different skin color needs.

3, DHC red powder rose dual-use powder cake SPF23/PA++Â¥306/13g

Maybelline New York fine white dual-use powder

A powder that absorbs sweat, sebum, and prevents dullness, and a stretchable powder that covers the pores and smoothes the surface of the skin, and makes the makeup look more durable. In addition, it also contains whitening ingredients such as vitamin C inducer and α-arbutin to prevent skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays and to create a bright complexion that is free from dullness.

4, ANNASUI Anna Sui no protective honey powder cake SPF15/PA++Â¥480/4g

Anna Sui Innocent Protective Powder Cake

Containing RFP powder and sunscreen powder, the texture is ultra-light, with makeup powder and makeup, the skin tone is instantly translucent and can modify pores and lines. Absorbs excess oil to maintain a perfect makeup and silky touch throughout the day. The three colors also add ultra-fine sequins and pearlescent powder to make the skin instantly translucent.

5, Shu Uemura light skin photosensitive powder SPF26++/PA++Â¥450

Shu Uemura Light Skin Photosensitive Powder

Extremely soft and bright, it creates flawless and smooth skin. With just one touch, it instantly imparts a smooth and even texture like “liquid foundation”. 2 big star ingredients moisturizing anti-oxidation (deep sea + red extract) helps to improve the skin's self-moisturizing ability while replenishing moisture. Leaves skin in optimal moisture condition

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