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Japan launched a household food cooling bag, consisting of a double layer of vinyl film, about 20cm long and 16cm wide. The surface of the outer layer is coated with a polymer water-absorbing polymer coagulant, and the water will slowly infiltrate into the bag and form a gel-like cooling agent. Then put it in the refrigerator and cool it for use. When traveling, people can take cold or cold drinks from the refrigerator and put them in cold-keeping bags to take them with them. It is suitable for midsummer use. Grain anti-mildew package Japan's Mitsubishi Chemicals Co., Ltd. developed a new kind of grain anti-mildew bag, which is made of polyolefin resin film and contains 0.01%~0.05% vanillin. It can slowly volatilize and penetrate into food, and it can inhibit for a long time. Molds can make food produce a pleasant fragrance. Temperature Control Packaging The United States 3M Corporation developed a THIN桽UITE plastic non-woven fabric that can be used to make food packaging that can withstand heat and cold. 3M and L-POIMT have also developed a temperature-controlled package that monitors the temperature of the food in the package.

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Pearl paper series products are divided into single-sided Pearl light and double-sided Pearl light. At present, Meiliyun mainly produces Pearl embossed raw paper and has developed and produced 12 colors, namely: pink, purple, red, silver and white, milk white, platinum, light yellow, eggshell yellow, gold, gold copper, black and coffee. Gold is currently the largest color used, with more manufacturers and relatively fierce competition. Meili cloud's production machine is a 1760mm long-net multi-cylinder paper machine with a weight range of 95-115g; The main specifications of pearl-pressed raw paper products are 791mm and 893mm rolls. This product is widely used in alcohol packaging, high-end gift box packaging, cosmetic packaging, clothing hangers, desk calendars, calendars, licenses, and front pages. High-grade printing and deep processing. In recent years, the company has developed and produced high-grade beaded plain paper with wood pulp according to the needs of customers. The quality of the product is recognized by dealers and terminal customers. The color is complete, and the basic color system is the same as that of ordinary beaded plain paper.

Pearl Embossed Paper

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