Five Keys of Brand Packaging to Build Market Sales Force

“You stand on the bridge to see the scenery/the people who look at the scenery to see you on the bridge/the moon is decorating your window/you have decorated other people’s dreams”. This is a very famous verse. The poet paints with wonderful brush strokes. People and scenery, people and people decorate each other's moving scenes. With the development of commercial society, there are fewer and fewer poetic objects, and they are more and more precious. The poet's grasp of the landscape and his techniques are mastered by professionals in many commercial fields. In the commercial world full of “copper odor”, through the packaging of goods, the peacock opens its screen and displays its infinite beauty and allure.

In the era of material scarcity, business opportunities are at a low-level demand state, and our business culture is also in short supply. When the material-rich years arrive, people begin to pay attention to style and pay attention to the beauty of life. Business opportunities are like bread one by one. Fermentation, as a package for delivering product information, also began to shock.

Every good brand has a soul, and packaging is its outer garment. These decent and well-dressed goods are like elves. They are attractive to consumers. How does a good packaging rely on its means to conquer its target consumers?

One of the key points: "embed" the identity of the target consumer into the package.

The motive for consumers to buy products is often determined by their own identity or image. When the goods can reflect their own image or identity, consumers will have the impulse to purchase, and the goods are relatively easy to complete "thrilling hop." Taking the Yang Sheng Tang products as an example, the “Growing Happiness” full of childlike appearance corresponds to smart and lively children, and the beautiful and beautiful “Duo” is for women who are eager for beauty, and playful “clear mouth lozenges”. "Corresponding to the young and energetic urban girl," "Kui Ling Pill" is the dutiful son of the world's Entutu newspaper (younger)... As long as it feels right, consumers will pay.

The second key point is to reflect the points of interest that consumers are most concerned about.

The instant noodles need to display the soft noodles and delicious seasonings perfectly and cause appetite; the gift specifications of health products should be atmosphere, and the printing should be exquisite; otherwise, it wouldn’t reflect the generosity of the gift giver and would not allow the giftee and the recipient to face. There is light; the use of toothpaste for travel should be small, otherwise the travel bag is not equipped.

The third key point: Let the product "jump" on the display shelf.

Salespeople who do terminals often say that they want their products to "jump" in similar products, which expresses the desire of salespeople to be the first to be noticed by consumers. In fact, the attention of a consumer to a product is generally changed from an unintentional state to an intentional state. If consumers can be the first to be noticed in a large number of products and have a favorable impression, the chances of the consumers purchasing will be much greater. Of course, the packaging must conform to the attributes of the product, and it is impossible to pack a large machine into a cartoon sense, otherwise it will cause others to have unreliable association with the product performance.

The fourth key point: design impressive memory points.

Good packaging will leave a deep memory of people, such as the "Marlboro" cigarette rough western cowboy image, a long circle of boxes on the product box of Ang Li State, "LACOSTE" crocodile ... these images close their eyes Can imagine it.

Key point 5: Give the product "Draw an honest and credible face."

To allow consumers to eliminate doubts and trust products, so that product packaging can often be silent and win sound effects. One strategy is to allow consumers to look "transparent," using transparent packaging materials to allow consumers to see what's inside the product, and rest assured that bold consumption; there is a strategy is marked on the packaging or authoritative scientific research institutions, or government Institutions, or health agencies, are particularly recommended. Some insurance companies undertake quality insurance and are widely used in the fields of medicines and health products; fast-moving consumer goods are often marked with production date, shelf life, etc., of course, bar codes, national unified retail prices, etc. Enhance consumers' confidence in buying and deal quickly.

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