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Lower body cycle training: Each action x times, no rest between actions, and all actions are completed in one round, which can be repeated.

High-intensity interval training: Each exercise is performed for 1 minute (can be scheduled by itself), and the maximum number of times can be completed within 1 minute. The rest is 30 seconds in place (you can arrange your own rest time), which takes 18 minutes.

Regular grouping: one action 3-4 groups, each group 10-20 times, group interval 30 seconds -1 minute, rest between actions 1-2 minutes.

The shortest time: 20 times per action (the number of times can be set according to their own conditions), each leg of each leg is 20 times, ensuring the rapid completion of the action form standard. When the time is recorded, the next time this time is challenged.

Super group training arrangement

The so-called super group is that there is no rest between the two actions. After completing the first action, the next action is directly performed. This is a super group, complete a super group, rest for 1-2 minutes, and perform the second round super group. It can be set up by yourself and can be combined with different training actions and super groups.

Super Group A

Basically savvy: 5 times

Deep squat one leg stretch: 5 times

Repeat 2-3 rounds

Super Group B

Sumo wrestling: 5 times

Sumo è¹² è¹²: 5 times

Repeat 2-3 rounds

Super Group C

Squat side lift: 5 times

Flea: 5 times

Repeat 2-3 rounds

Super Group D

Narrow: 5 times

Pistol è¹²: 5 times per leg

Repeat 2-3 rounds

Super Group E

Curving knees: 5 times per leg

Split legs: 5 times per leg

Repeat 2-3 rounds

Super Group F

Half-legged one-legged side extension: 5 times per leg

Popular time: 5 times

Repeat 2-3 rounds

Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket:

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