Feel the violet laser CTP technology

After the computer-to-plate technology (CTP) entered China. Its development is getting more and more attention. Currently. CTP is still the coexistence of thermal and violet laser technology. The development of violet laser CTP is even more noticeable. More and more companies are beginning to invest in this technology. They think. Purple laser CTP technology will occupy a pivotal position in the printing equipment market in the future. So what is violet laser technology? 7 What are the reasons why it competes with thermal technology for the CTP market?

1. Purple Laser Origin and Development
Japan Nichia company was founded in 1998. It was the first company to successfully develop a violet laser with a wavelength of 391~420nm. Due to the shorter wavelength of the violet laser. Its laser spot is also smaller, so with a better optical focusing lens, more data can be written in the same density of storage media. As the violet laser wavelength and the traditional Ps version of the exposure wavelength is close. Some CTP equipment manufacturers also hope to transplant this technology into the printing industry. The company that first introduced violet laser CTP equipment is mainly Agfa and Futu. Drupa exhibition as of 2004. More than 10 companies have introduced violet laser CTP equipment. Some plate production companies have also introduced plates that match the equipment.

In addition. Japan’s Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo, Toshiba and others are also involved in the development of violet laser generators. Report shows. The power of the violet laser generator has been increased from 5mW to 60mW. And this kind of development is far from reaching the end.
2. Purple laser advantages

1 high resolution.

Due to the shorter wavelengths produced by the shorter wavelengths, higher resolution can be provided and the output resolution can reach 250 lines/inch.

2 small size, fast speed.

Due to short wavelengths, smaller laser spots are generated. Reducing the volume of the reflector lens of the laser head. The smaller laser head volume can increase the speed. With high sensitivity silver salt version. Laser head speed up to 55,000 rev / min. It is equivalent to 4,26 times the speed of sound while infrared and green lasers have scanning speeds of 20,000 lines/minute and 37,500 lines/minute, respectively. Violet laser speed is very fast. A single laser beam can also produce 22 plates per hour (1030mm x 800mm/2400dpi). It is the highest yielding model on the market.

3 Use a bright yellow safety light.

Apply photosensitive material corresponding to the purple light source. Can be operated under bright yellow safety lights. Close to bright room operations. It is more convenient to use.

4 quality and stability. To further enhance the inner drum model performance. Laser diode light source stable laser spot solid. Can generate high quality outlets. Improve printing quality. The inner drum model uses only a single laser. The total cost of CTP is not high. However, the outer drum type is limited by the rotational speed of the plate cylinder and cannot further increase the production speed. Therefore, multiple laser beams are often used to make up for this defect. The cost of replacing CTP is relatively high. Therefore, the inner drum type cTP on the market is generally the first to use the violet laser.

5 easy maintenance, quick replacement.

The violet laser diode is small in size and modularity, so maintenance and replacement are simpler and can increase production efficiency.
6 Longer life.

It is often mistaken to believe that violet lasers have a short lifetime. In fact, they are also misled by hydrogen lasers. The working principle of hydrogen lasers is that the laser tubes are constantly lit at work and require a large amount of starting energy to excite argon gas to generate laser light. The mode controls it to switch but uses constant light and deflection of the lens to control the laser spot so the average life is only about 2.5 years, and the effective production time is also very short.
The working principle of the violet laser is that the diode consumes very little energy. When not working (power on but no exposure) the laser is off and effectively extends the life of the laser. Violet laser diodes have a lifetime of 3ooodx~ or more, with 103 (Hmu × 770mm size plates for example, 100 pieces a day, 250 days a year for 3000 hours, which is equivalent to a 3.5 year investment return is not lower than the infrared diodes Laser manufacturers do not need to replace the laser head every year.At present, there are manufacturers who claim that the violet laser generators they produce can reach a service life of 10 years.

Some manufacturers only provide lasers and imaging heads to users who use violet laser CTPs, while other larger equipment manufacturers have launched their own violet laser CTPs. These devices have their own characteristics in the CTP market contest.

1. Laser and imaging head
The manufacturer of violet laser diodes is mainly Nichia. Some manufacturers tend to purchase fully assembled imaging heads mounted on their own platesetters. For example, TuiOptics in Munich, Germany supplies Barco, Krause and Purup. The imaging head for the Eskofot platesetter SYNneciX produces small FDs. Violet laser imaging head for YAG plate making machine. Suppliers of violet laser modulators include Latronics, Aachen, Germany. Other CTP manufacturers such as Agfa, ECRM and Escher. Grad et al. purchased diodes to make photosensitive heads into the platesetter. The output power of these devices is generally between 5 and 30mW. Nichia violet laser diodes have a lifetime of more than 10,000 hours for an internal test of 3,000 hours.

2. Purple laser platemaking machine
It can be seen from Drupa2004 that CTP is still coexisting with thermal and violet laser technology but violet laser CTP is developing rapidly. Some manufacturers that originally produced thermal CTP have now launched violet laser CTP. Original manufacturers of visible light CTP have almost all introduced violet lasers. CTP.

With the development of violet laser technology, Inner Drum CTP has successfully launched a 30mW diode. The violet CTP image formed on the photopolymer plate greatly improves the platemaking efficiency; the appearance of the 60mW and 100mW violet laser diode extends the life of the laser diode to 10,000 hours. The replacement cost of the diode also dropped below 10,000 euros.

Fujifilm's LuxeIV. 6 Inner drum type four open CTP adopts our company's Brillia LP. NV photopolymerization plate making, after printing, Nai India up to 1 million printed laser diodes equipped with life expectancy of more than 5,000 hours The highest resolution of 3657dpi, 1200dpi resolution output below 35 hourly output, 2400dpi resolution per hour below Output 2o four open edition. Agfa launched an upgraded PolarisXTV for Po1aris. S and XCV. S violet laser CTP. XTV is 25% faster than xCV and can make 260 sheets per hour (1016dpi).

Japan's screen open eight PateRiteMicra violet CTP, four open FlatRite2055Vi violet laser CTP, using 60mW diode P1ateRitemicra can be purple laser photopolymer version exposure, printing plate format between 250mm × 330mm a 516mm × 580mm.

Esko. Graphics has a variety of different formats of semi-automatic, fully automatic violet laser CTP which new products are PlateDriverCornpact) and DPX4 polyester version c11P platemaking machine. Krause's LaserStar violet laser CTP can expose 250 photopolymers per hour while also introducing a 100mW laser diode light source that can be used in any direct platemaker. The diode light source has a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours. The replacement costs about 9900 euros.

Heidelberg also introduced the Prosetter violet laser CTP system, which has a new "on demand" function that can be integrated directly into the pressroom. The print operator simply selects the desired job on the touch screen and presses a button. The CTP machine can then perform the color separation according to the desired color or start the plate making according to the overall job requirements.

In the long run, the ultimate development of the thermal technology is exemption; in the washing technology, every one process reduction will make the production effect more stable. What is more important is to avoid waste medicines and meet environmental protection requirements. However, in the short-to-medium term, current heat-sensitive products from some manufacturers still require rinsing procedures and do not achieve the best results due to thermal effects. Compared with the violet laser technology, the heat-sensitive products (referred to as the heat-sensitive technology that needs to be flushed) have slightly better accuracy (but only say 250 lines/inch and 300 lines/inch respectively). At the same time, the flush-free thermal technology is 40% more expensive than photosensitive products in terms of equipment and materials. Therefore, most users are not willing to invest in this technology in one step. In addition. Compared to the thermal CTP system (platemakers, plates), the price of violet laser CTP is low, and the advantage of printing violet laser CTP plate and equipment in the medium format (such as eight open, four open, off and large off) gradually emerges. From a practical point of view, Raritan is able to print within 250,000 prints. With an accuracy of less than 250 lines/inch, I believe that violet laser is an ideal choice.

Operator considerations when investing in CTP Many thermal CTP systems are also constantly improving. Because of their irreplaceable advantages, both thermal and violet lasers coexist on the market to satisfy different customers. In fact there is no best CTP system that has the best system for your business environment.

Reprinted from: Printed Today

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