Evaluation: Gu's 1896 leather sofa makes the most practical and functional

Evaluation staff: Qingqing and Mumu, editors of this website

Evaluation product: Gujia home leather sofa

Product model: 1896-1

1. The first impression of the evaluation: the shape is heavy and generous, suitable for modern home decoration style

The sofa is an important embodiment of the style of the living room. A sofa that matches well with the style of the living room and is coordinated can add to the overall performance of the living room.

Gu Family 1896 leather sofa front (live shot)

Gujia 1896 leather sofa adopts the popular beige and light coffee colors, which makes the sofa more three-dimensional, better layered, and gives a warm and elegant feeling. It is very suitable for a modern-style living room.

Gujia 1896 leather sofa modern style decoration effect appreciation

Impression summary: It may be limited by the light of the exhibition hall. The color of the photos taken by the editor is somewhat black, and the quality of beige and light coffee is not fully expressed. However, all the components of this sofa are combined in the exhibition hall. The picture is more atmospheric and elegant. If it is placed in a real living room and matched with the decoration, the effect will definitely be better.

2. Appearance: It can be freely combined to regain practical functionality

The second step in choosing a sofa is to understand the detailed design and functional design of the sofa to see if it meets your own life needs.

design concept--

Gujia 1896 leather sofa can be freely combined into a variety of styles

Can be combined: The design concept of this sofa is to focus on "practical functionality", so all the components of the sofa are designed to be movable, three people, reclining, coffee table, single seat can be recombined and arranged Different styles, and hooks are set on the sides that are connected to each other, which is not easy to move and safer after hanging.

Design concept summary: For different types of apartments, the requirements for the size of the sofa are different, but sometimes many beautiful sofas can only be given up because of the size difference, which is regrettable! Like the Gujia 1896, a sofa that can be combined freely, this problem is completely avoided. Different sizes of living rooms can be used. Different placements can often be changed and new, really focusing on practicality.

Modeling details——

Gujia 1896 leather sofa cover color border design

The use of light coffee color trim makes the overall outline of the beige sofa look more three-dimensional and full of layering, while avoiding the monotonous feeling of a single light-colored sofa, adding a lot to the sense of fashion.

Gujia 1896 leather sofa stitch closeup

The stitch pitch of this sofa is even and fine, in contrast, the workmanship of this sofa is more detailed. The small pin spacing can make the sofa line more clear, and it is stronger and not easy to be damaged.

Summary of styling details: No matter from the color matching or the production process, the details of this sofa are very surprising. I believe many consumers have already been a bit excited!

Three, sitting experience: three positions + wide armrest fully ergonomic

In addition to ensuring the beauty of the color and the service life of the process, the most important point of the sofa is: sitting feeling. When you buy a sofa, the most common thing is to sit down and try to feel uncomfortable. It is often directly determined whether it will be purchased, so how does the Gujia 1896 leather sofa sit? Let ’s take a serious experience:

Qi family staff experience Gujia 1896 leather sofa sitting feeling

Sitting experience: The editor and fellow staff experienced the sitting feeling of the sofa on the spot, sitting on it feels soft and hard, with good elasticity and very comfortable.

Gujia 1896 leather sofa backrest three-part design

Gujia 1896 leather sofa backrest design closely fits the waist and back

Backrest: The backrest part adopts a strip-shaped open line, a three-zone design, completely made according to ergonomics, conforms to the human body curve, and the inner filling sponge is full and thick, which can closely fit the waist and back of the person, giving people maximum relaxation .

Gujia 1896 leather sofa cushion cross line

Gujia 1896 leather sofa surface is not easy to sink and not wrinkle

Cushion: The cushion part of this sofa all uses the pull point process, the surface is cross-lined, and multiple leather surfaces are spliced. This treatment not only makes the cushion surface beautiful and attractive, but also provides a more comfortable sitting feeling.

Gujia 1896 leather sofa with large armrests

Gujia 1896 leather sofa tilt angle suitable for sitting and lying

Armrest: The armrest of the sofa is relatively wide, large and full, and has a slight slope arc. When sitting, the arm is very comfortable. When the tester is lying on the sofa, the angle of the armrest can just fit the neck. Comfortable.

Summary of sitting experience: Through different sitting and lying tests, the editor feels that this kind of comfort is very high. The ergonomic armrest and backrest design can provide a more comfortable sitting and lying experience, making this sofa also With more practical functional characteristics, of course, a comfortable sitting feeling cannot be separated from the support of internal materials. Below we will focus on testing the materials.

Fourth, the sofa external material: the first layer of yellow cowhide embossed texture is soft to the touch, good permeability

During the evaluation process, Gu's professionals told the editor that 50% of the value of a leather sofa is on the surface of the leather! The quality of the skin directly determines the price of the sofa. It is understood that the contact surface of this sofa all uses the first layer of yellow leather, let's take a look!

Gujia 1896 leather sofa leather uses the first layer of yellow leather

The leather part adopts the first layer of yellow leather. Professionals told the editor that there are generally two types of cowhide for the sofa, yellow cowhide and buffalo. Yellow cowhide is slightly better than buffalo, and the same cowhide, the first layer of leather is the most valuable. Gu's sofa leather uses the first layer of yellow leather, and the quality can be completely assured!

Gujia 1896 leather sofa feel experience

Feel: The surface of this sofa has been embossed, and the texture is more beautiful while retaining the natural pores of the cowhide. Because it is the first layer of cowhide, the editor is very soft to touch with his hands. The sofa will feel better after being left at home for a while.

Gujia 1896 leather sofa smell experience

Smell: In addition to the soft touch, the odor of leather is also very small, which is more suitable for home use. In order to cooperate with the evaluation, this sofa was just unpacked and assembled shortly before the editor arrived at the scene, but when the evaluation staff approached to smell the leather When it smells, there is only a slight smell of cowhide.

Gujia 1896 leather sofa leather surface distribution map

Special note: The front of this sofa can directly contact the skin, which is leather, including the seat, the front of the bag, and the armrest. Others are synthetic leather, including the back of the bag and the back of the sofa.

Gujia 1896 leather sofa solid wood sofa legs

Gujia 1896 leather sofa with cushions at the bottom of the feet

Sofa legs: solid wooden sofa legs, solid and strong, forming a deep contrast with the overall solid color of the sofa, showing stability and generosity, and the part of the solid wooden sofa legs contacting the ground is equipped with wear pads, not rubbing the floor, such small details, It is really intimate.

Summary of external material evaluation: The Gujia 1896 sofa with the first layer of yellow leather on the contact surface. The touch of the leather is significantly softer than that of the imitation leather. The combination of leather and solid wood feet is also more quality. 7999 yuan to buy three people + Lying position, such a price is even a little exciting ~

5. Internal material and structure of the sofa: "S" shaped spring + elastic band + sponge + fleece

Visiting the interior materials of the sofa directly at the factory is undoubtedly the most effective way to check the quality of the sofa. This time I visited the Gujia Home Headquarters. Xiaobian also had the honor to visit Gujia Home's production plant and product assembly line, and had an understanding of every process of sofa production.

Gujia 1896 leather sofa interior filler

Taking the reclining position as an example, this sofa is completely designed from the perspective of ergonomics. In the lying position near the back, use more small density sponge to make everyone's back experience more comfortable.

Gujia 1896 leather sofa internal structure

The bottom of the sofa uses "S" shaped spring + elastic bandage to ensure the elasticity of the sofa. The outer wooden frame is made of imported boxwood, and the inner wooden frame is made of northeastern larch wood, which is made of solid wood.

Summary of internal material evaluation: What about the internal structure and materials of the sofa, it can reflect the quality of a product or even a brand, Gu Jia can rest assured that we can visit all production links, and allow photographs, which is impossible for many brands to do. It can be seen that they are confident in the quality of their products.

Evaluation summary: Gu's 1896 leather sofa uses the first layer of yellow leather as the main surface material. After testing, the contact surface is soft and natural, and the breathability is very good, without any odor. In appearance, this sofa adopts the combination of the popular beige and light coffee, which makes the sofa look three-dimensional, stylish and elegant, and is very suitable for the modern style living room. At the same time, the ergonomic backrest and armrest The design guarantees a completely comfortable and healthy sitting and lying experience; the most important point is that the sofa parts can be freely combined. No matter what size of living room your home is, you can combine the styles that satisfy you, which is very valuable. !

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