Eight major mistakes made by make-up novices

Eight major mistakes made by make-up novices
The girls all want to have a perfect and exquisite makeup, but they don’t know that they will become too hard and often look like a fake face in the eyes of others. This counterproductive reason is actually not a skill or a product. Big problem, but it is just a few makeup mistakes that make you lie down, and it is easier to make a new shooter!
Makeup Misunderstanding 1: Face Color
A face, on the basis of natural makeup, a key point, people are unforgettable, is the best makeup target, if excessive greed, and all parts are described as exaggerated, it makes people look dizzy, In addition to being placed on the stage, once it is in front of you, it will only make you feel that you are overpowering, as if you are deliberately concealing something, or being old or out of place.
The correct way is to choose the most satisfying or dissatisfied place in your facial features as the focus of makeup, meaning, or strengthen the satisfied parts, let people visually ignore some of your facial defects; or try to modify Weaknesses, the overall pursuit of natural harmony style. For example, Zhong Lizhen loves red lips, which is the former, and most office workers like to paint eye makeup, which is to look good and cover possible tiredness.
Makeup Misunderstanding 2: The powder is too thick like a mask
We always want to pursue the flawless skin texture of the fashion magazine cover or the female stars in the movie blockbuster, and then think that it is only necessary to apply a thicker foundation. Let us clarify, the female star is really thick at the foundation, but there must be a combination of lights, softening the powder on the face, it seems natural. And in the natural light of the day, the thick foundation will only make people look like a mask.
The makeup in life or in the workplace must be natural, and the smearing should not be equal to the whole face, but should be thin and thick. For example, the T-zone with a yellowish skin tone can be slightly thicker, and for the cheeks, there should be a "large area" of the skin, and the position that most reflects the texture of the skin should be thin, leaving no pores and lines. That is a real person.
Makeup Misunderstanding 3: Concealing Me
Some girls may ask, "What should I do with my face?" We must first understand that "nature" does not mean perfection, but a feeling that people feel close and respected, then your face If the cockroach is a small freckle, the sunburn that shows a healthy attitude of life is actually not necessary to care about it. On the contrary, those with redness or acne scars are worthy of getting rid of.
And when covering such cockroaches, you must choose a concealer product. If the moisture content is high, it can be closely adhered to the skin, and the color also has a harmonious effect. This avoids the thicker the coating, the more obvious the coating. Finally, I like a putty.
Makeup Misunderstanding 4: Blush and Painted Rustic
Blush is actually a good thing. If the makeup has already beaten the cheeks, it is a weapon to restore the look. But, it won't be bad if you don't play it. It's easy to be as rustic as a plateau red.
Generally speaking, in order to avoid being too cute or like a baby in a village, don’t hit the cheekbone, but round the outside of the cheekbone and start to slant to the corner of the cheekbone to visually reduce the face. . And if it is a girl whose face is already very thin, it will be too "dry" and "old" if it is done again. Instead, it should be blushing on the cheekbones to increase the feeling of cuteness and roundness.
Makeup Misunderstanding 5: Eyelash anger rushes to the crown
The more curled the eyelashes, the more the eyes are big, and the more charming, cute, this is true, but if it is straight and does not bend to the sky, it can be as gentle and even horrified. In fact, this is not the girl's intention to do it, but did not master the correct method of clamping the eyelashes. To ensure that the arc is natural, the clip should be clamped from the root, and then gradually loosened up and down, and in the middle position can stay a few seconds, and repeated several times, which is natural and lasting. Remember, camber is a subtle slogan that is as feminine as curling.
Makeup Misunderstanding 6: Eyelashes are not hairy, just like fly legs
In order to make the eyelashes look black and long, many girls will brush the mascara several times. Finally, the hair tips of the eyelashes are not gradually lighter and thinner, but like a fly leg - there is a small piece of black and black. It’s tired, of course it’s fake. In fact, this is a problem with the method of applying mascara.
Solution: After the mascara is unscrewed from the tube, be sure to wipe off the excess paste at the nozzle to avoid excessive paste and fibers from collecting on the tip. Especially when making up makeup, pay more attention to the middle part of the eyelashes, or even just the tip of the hair. Also, different mascaras also have different brush order in order to be effective. For example, the long type should be applied first, because the fibers should be attached to the eyelashes first, and the thick type should be applied afterwards, and it should be gently replaced at the tip of the hair.
Makeup Misunderstanding 7: Strange eyebrows and eyebrows
How important is eyebrows? Anyway, someone once removed the eyebrows of the female stars and sent a group of films. The people exclaimed, "It must be beautiful, the eyebrows are the focus!" Of course, which part is the focus, just because the eyebrows are at the top of the face, it is decided. Overall temperament and adjustment of the face. So those women who are dissatisfied with their eyebrows can do nothing, but the eyebrows must be traced, but in fact it is not easy. The first is the color. If the contrast with the hair color is large, it is very blunt, and the shape must be natural and symmetrical. The difficulty is still quite big. Finally, if the eyebrows are too sharp or become a broom eyebrow like a crayon, it will suddenly Change the temperament, strange and strange.
It is recommended to consult the professional eyebrow design for at least two months and trim it properly. After getting the eyebrow shape you like, you can only slightly color the hair and slightly increase the eyebrow shape according to the different makeup.
Makeup Misunderstanding 8: Lipstick tastes too heavy
This "heavy" does not mean too bright red or other full-bodied colors, but refers to the overall effect is too "amazing", such as the lip gloss that is too bright and oily, and the color that is not good with the whole. Look at Ok, but don't forget, our mouth is to eat, drink, drink and talk. Once you move it, you will feel that your face is "mouth" and it is terrible. As I said before, you can focus on any part of your face. Of course, you can do it with your mouth, but think about it. If you don’t have the atmosphere of Zhong Lijun, it’s best not to try that way, thinking that you are the Hollywood prime time. In fact, it reveals the dust, not only fake, but also fake.

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