Eight coups to quickly remove dark circles

Eight coups to quickly remove dark circles

As the work becomes more and more busy, people's pressure is getting bigger and bigger. The work that cannot be completed often needs to be done through overtime and staying up late. This is easy to appear dark circles, which will affect our vision and image in the long run. So how to eliminate dark circles? Here are eight tips.

Quickly remove dark circles, a small trick: cold swelling

Dealing with dark circles that appear around the clock, you may use cold edema. The metal spoon was placed in the refrigerator for three minutes the night before. After getting up the next day, press the eyes directly with a spoon, or wrap the ice with a wet towel to gently caress both eyes, so that the dark circles will fade a lot.

Quickly remove dark circles, small coup 2: homemade gherkin eye mask

Cucumber can also remove dark circles by applying eye drops. The sliced ​​cucumber can be applied to the eye bags to calm the skin and help reduce the symptoms of dark circles. However, please remember that the skin of the gherkin eye mask is clean and thin, easy to sunburn, so avoid the sun, so as not to eliminate the eye bags but more freckles.

Quickly remove dark circles, small tricks three: cooked eggs

Cook the eggs first, remove the shells, then close your eyes and turn around around the eyes, about 10 times each. Hot and hot eggs can increase the blood circulation of the eyes and dilute the dark circles, so that you can become more brilliant in front of the leader.

Quickly remove dark circles, small tricks four: yogurt apply eyes

Don't throw away the leftover yogurt in the morning, it is very useful. What is the use? Use it to apply the eye, you can dilute your panda eyes, gently apply the remaining acid to the dark circles around the eyes, about Washing away after fifteen minutes will help you dilute the dark circles.

Quickly remove dark circles, small coup 5: potatoes to dark circles

After getting up in the morning, use potato slices to cover your eyes for about fifteen minutes. You can also let you not be a giant panda. However, potatoes should choose a big one, so that they can cover the eye skin. If the potatoes with buds are poisonous, don't use them.

Quickly remove dark circles, small tricks six: calla lily slag application

Clean the calla lily first, then scrape the horseshoe and then chop the lotus roots. Place the material in the juicer and add 2 cups of water to stir. Separate the water and apply it for 10 minutes. Because the lotus root and the horseshoe contain iron and protein, respectively, they have the effect of promoting blood circulation. Therefore, it is used to apply eye drops and can help blood circulation in the eye area.

Quickly remove dark circles, small tricks seven: honey to dark circles

Honey is also one of the magic weapons to remove dark circles. After washing your face, do not dry the water on your face, let it dry naturally, then apply honey around the eyes. After about 10 minutes, wash away, you will find that the skin around the eyes changes. It has been moisturized, and the dark circles have faded a lot.

Quickly remove dark circles, a small trick eight: massage the eye skin

Looking up, use the ring finger to quickly pat the inner corner of the eye. There is the position of the upper and lower Qingming points, which can drive the deep nerves and accelerate the blood circulation of the eyes. The number of taps is about 20 times. The weeping hole in the central depression of the lower eye bag is the material nutrient transported to the face to pass through the acupoint, covered with blood vessels, blood flow is not smooth, then the blood vessels will expand and blue, eye bags and dark circles will be more obvious, light pressure with the ring finger can promote Blood circulation, dilute dark circles.

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