Different legs type stovepipe scheme

Different legs type stovepipe scheme

First, muscle type

The muscles of your legs are very strong. If you want your legs to become thin, you must first let the muscles of your legs come back, and you should stretch the hamstrings. The natural legs will look slender!

Recommended practice:

A1, because muscle strength is the most difficult to reduce, so exercise to make the muscles relax, use the fist to tap the front part of the thigh.

A2, then tap the back of the thigh and the buttocks.

B1. Sitting on the ground, burying your legs, and gently tapping the outside of your legs with your fist.

B2, then open the legs and tap the inside of the legs with your fist.

C1, the hands are laid flat, and the head is roughly balanced, and the front and rear legs are striding forward.

C2, press the buttocks down and make a bow and arrow type. After 5 seconds, raise the buttocks again. Exchange the front and rear legs and do 10 times on each side. You can do one side before you do the Other side. Note that the hind legs and knees should be as straight as possible.

Second, fat type

Fat-type people lack exercise and tend to accumulate fat in both legs. Therefore, burning fat is important for this type of person, and at the same time, it is necessary to add a little muscle to the legs, so that the feet will first become beautiful.

A1, hands on the hips, the back should be straight with both legs, the eyes should look straight.

A2, slowly raise the heel, use only the toes, and repeat 10 times. Helps increase muscles and stretch hamstrings.

B1, like a sea lion crawling underground, the elbows are flexed flat, and the head and waist are about 50 degrees underground. Tied your legs with a large elastic band.

B2, lift the left leg, stay in the air for 1 second, then change the right foot, do 10 times each side.

C1, legs straight, waist straight, hands on hips, looking straight.

C2, the waist should continue to straighten, one of the legs step forward, and the hind leg flexes downward into an L shape. Do the left and right legs 5 times each.

Third, edema type

The legs are because there is very little exercise, and the blood in the legs is not running well, so there is swelling. Proper exercise, more roads, so that the muscles get the right amount of exercise, the legs will naturally become more beautiful, and will not be so swollen!

A1, the waist should be straight, vigorously swinging the hands, the neck is not good at the same head, walk in a posture. A minimum of 20 minutes per day.

A2. The force of walking moves slowly from the heel to the toes. That is, when walking, start with the heel

B. Lie down, lift your hands and feet, and shake your hands and feet. The shaking action is maintained for about 30 seconds. Can promote blood circulation.

C, lie down, put your hands flat, raise your feet and circle, just like stepping on a bicycle, the action does not need to be too fast. Do about 20 times.

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