Deli S0832 sliding door screen to create a stylish bathroom space

In the scorching summer, being able to take a comfortable shower should be a pleasant beauty. The light and translucent metal texture and the refreshing glass material will bring us a cool feeling. Perhaps a light and simple shower room will make home life more comfortable and warm. Let's take a look at a sliding door screen with the reviewer-Deli S0832 one solid two living sliding door screen.

Evaluation time August 3, 2010 Evaluation location Shanghai Yishan Road Xiyingmen Deli store evaluation brand Deli shower screen (Deli shower room and accessories Deli price Deli review) evaluation product Deli shower screen one solid two live Sliding door screen S0832 product specification 1600 * 1850m main material tempered glass, aluminum alloy material product price 3249 yuan / piece evaluation project appearance material quality

First impression of evaluation

This shower sliding door screen of Deli adopts 6mm tempered glass, which is hard and wear-resistant and bright and clear. Lightweight metal skeleton design, clean and neat, giving a light and translucent refreshing feeling. Unique track design, smooth push and pull. The humanized handle design brings another choice to the bathroom decoration.

Evaluation details:

Using 6mm tempered glass with strong explosion-proof performance

Using 6mm tempered glass, the material is relatively fine, and the sound is crisp when tapped by hand. At the same time, the explosion-proof performance is strong. The tester uses an iron ball weighing about two kilograms to hit the glass hard within a certain distance from the glass. The entire glass shower screen shakes violently, but the glass is intact.

Glass contains PVB film is not easy to fall off after breaking

Due to the fragility of glass, it is easy to be ignored in the choice of home improvement building materials. The glass design of this product uses explosion-proof glass. This glass has a relatively high impact resistance. The glass contains a PVB film. Even after being broken, the glass will still stick to the glass film, and will not be scattered on the ground and will not cause harm to the human body.

The curved handle feels comfortable

The handle made of aluminum alloy inlaid in glass is comfortable to the touch. At the same time, according to the ergonomic design, the design is more user-friendly, which is more in line with the strength of the handle when holding the handle, and it is comfortable and effortless in pushing and pulling.

V-shaped track design

This product uses a V-shaped rail design in the upper rail, uses thickened metal alloys at the corners, and has a relatively small clearance. The sliding process will be more reliable, there is less shaking before and after the movable door, the sliding is smooth, and the noise is small. The rigid shaft of the bottom rail slides with little shaking, and it is relatively easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

Aluminum hard and moderate toughness is not easy to deform

The main material of the shower screen is tempered glass, but the general shower screen is all-inclusive, so you should pay special attention to the selection of accessories, wall borders and frame materials. Due to small holes in some seams or links, the entire glass will be damaged and bring hidden safety risks. This product uses an alloy called Zhongshan Aluminum, which belongs to industrial aluminum, so the hardness is relatively large, and it feels heavier when picked up by hand. At the same time, the wall thickness of the aluminum material is thicker than the general frame, and some even reach 4-6mm, which is not easy to deform.

Strong flexibility without cracking

The sealing performance of the shower screen door is more important. Good sealing performance can fully isolate the wet and dry environment of the bathroom space, which is conducive to the cleanliness of the space. Touch the sealing tape of this product with your hands, it is soft and elastic, with good flexibility and not easy to crack. At the same time, the product adopts a unique design, has the function of anti-ultraviolet, and the service life is relatively long.

Evaluation summary:

This shower sliding door screen of Deli adopts all-tempered glass, which has strong impact resistance and is not easy to break, even if broken, it is not easy to cause harm to the human body. Aluminum alloy metal frame design, moderate hardness and toughness, not easy to deform, ergonomically designed curved handle is beautiful and practical. V-shaped track design, smooth push and pull. The sealing material has strong flexibility, is not easy to crack, and has a long service life, but the "one-word" type shower screen door will occupy a larger space than the corner shower screen door.

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