Cycling class: Safety summary for mountain bike crashes [picture]

Whether it is an old rider or a beginner who is just starting to ride, always put safety first. Only safety can make everyone ride longer, happier and healthier! Any sport is dangerous. If you do not pay attention to scientific and reasonable exercise, it may cause serious damage to your body. This is especially true of mountain biking. The following is a breakdown of the safety of mountain bikes that has been summarized by many riders. I hope every rider can pay attention to it.

First, speed, we must control the speed, as long as it is not a game, there is no need to ride too fast. There is no need to fight hard to ride so fast. If you want to experience the thrill of speed, you can buy a moving ticket. You don't know how many times faster than riding a mountain bike.

Second, cycling is a state of mind. Like driving, don’t trust your own technology. Many emergencies are not technologies that can make up for and escape.

Third, we need to do the necessary safety protection measures. In fact, we should all be aware of it. There are many more, and the most obvious cycling helmets and gloves must be brought on. Maybe we can save lives.

Fourth, when riding a mountain bike, the route of riding should try to choose the route that you are familiar with. It is best to walk on your own route. This way you have a very clear understanding of the road conditions.

Fifth, there is always an advance, and we must always pay attention to the road conditions in front of us. The danger is actually caused by momentary negligence.

Sixth, there are no special needs to do on the mountain bike to engage in some "super movements", such as loose hands, pick up the phone and other actions, etc., in front of a watermelon squash waiting for you all at once Take a trip.

Seventh, the most critical sentence, do not fall, do not easily say no fall, anyway, my heart is filled with the alertness of being thrown.

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