Creative old things use low cost to create a new space for personality

In addition to scouring old goods from the flea market, there are many good ways to low-cost decorators, such as the recycling of waste products, the use of old furniture through functional transformation, the old things through landscaping renovation ... old things often require more wisdom and love Among the 10 people we interviewed in the past, some of the abandoned spoons were converted into lighting, and the old dressing table was transformed into a coffee table. These worthwhile transformation techniques reawaken our thinking about material values ​​and recycle them. Rediscovering the beauty of home.

Personality transformation

PART1 Tip 1: Recycling waste

Example: two dogs eleven

Two dogs eleven

Decoration Tips: The two dog houses have two very interesting spoon lights. They are made of Japanese stainless steel spoons and the common "fishing" of Hong Kong food stalls and energy-saving bulbs. After the lights are turned on, the hanging spoons are pushed into layers. From the big to the small circle, beautiful silver light.

Two dogs

Example: Debi

Old wooden pile reconstruction

Decorating techniques: The old wooden piles that were felled in the village were returned by Debi, repainted, potted, and two wicker chairs, which became the natural decoration of the home.


Example: Square

Homemade soap box

Decorating techniques: Old newspapers and old magazine pages should not be thrown away. They can be used to transform into individual storage boxes for storing broken soap next to the sink.

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