Create a beautiful pastoral wind wall to share 5 ideas with you

In this troubled world, many people now have Tao Yuanming's heart, like to be close to nature, yearning for the quietness and beauty of nature. In fact, at home, they can also create a natural atmosphere. Some natural wind furniture can help you create A natural home, like a rustic wall, is fresh and beautiful, so enjoy it.

1 large pots and pans hanging over the wall

To decorate the feeling of a rustic kitchen, the key groceries on the wall can not be less, from South European kitchen utensils, small goods, to ceramic enamel tableware, pots and pans, these are the inspiration of European country layout.

2 bookshelf hanging directly on the wall

In addition to the paintings on the wall, you can create a sense of richness and focus. You can also use the special groceries of the country style to hang the log books directly on the wall. Not only can you have any decorative taste on the wall, but also can be used as a storage. tool!

3 over 60 years old apple box

The apple boxes that are purchased from the Provence market are at least one year old, like the antique boxes that stayed in the old days, nailed to the wall of the room as a bookshelf or stacked directly into a storage cabinet. What do you want to put? Just put what!

4 hanging cups and dishes become inspiration

Hanging or open storage must pay attention to the appearance of plane vision. Pay attention to the size and convergence between items and items. It is recommended that each item has at least one common element to be connected in series, whether in color, shape, function, series or size. Just arrange it neatly, it's basically not easy to make mistakes!

5 nail your own Style

Use wall and debris to decorate, especially every time the ticket stubs and paper strips are reluctant to lose. It is better to give yourself a reason to be unscrupulous and chaotic, so that they all find their own 'village style' on the wall. Home'.

Such a wall with a strong rustic atmosphere will definitely change your entire home environment. Then the idea of ​​creating a rural wall is shared with you. I hope that you can get some inspiration from it.

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