Corrugating roller technical specifications

The main technical indicators of corrugating roller have been clearly defined in the national standard GBl2070-89 (middle and low-speed corrugated board production line).

For the corrugating roller used in the high-speed corrugated board production line with a running speed of 120m/min or more, the technical indicators of the corrugating roller must be further improved. In particular, medium- and high-speed corrugating rollers must also have superior performance in the use of materials and advanced technology. The heat treatment process enables the body to obtain a uniform high hardness performance, economical and reasonable 楞-type design and reliable manufacturing accuracy and excellent wear resistance of the surface plating layer, etc., in order to meet the high-speed production needs of corrugated board production line.

The following are the main accuracy indices of corrugating rollers: New types of corrugating rollers are available: 楞 high, 300mm turns, dome radius and radius of bottom circle, paper consumption rate, and the angle of micro-corrugation are economical and reasonable.

Quenching layer: layer depth 5 ~ 7mm, hardness ≥ HRC5, uniform hardness, grooved roller without soft band. Surface coating: micro-hardness HV900 ~ 1050, micro-crack number up to more than 400 per lcm. High-speed corrugating roller: two fine grinding:

Thickness limit deviation ± 0025 Deck circle run-out tolerance 0.025 楞 High limit deviation + 0.025 楞 Side-to-side axis limit deviation 0.025

The medium-high roller's mid-height height limit deviation is 4-10% of medium-high value. The middle and low-speed corrugated roller's indexes conform to GB1207-89

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