Corrugated box preprinting - Emerging production methods

Corrugated paper box production market forecast and analysis Corrugated paper box packaging industry has gone through more than 20 years in China, especially in recent years, the corrugated box packaging industry can be said to have made considerable progress. From a single transport-type package to a functional package, a sales package, and a display-pack package. From the single machine production of the corrugated box industry in China in the 1970s to the 1980s, the corrugated box single-sided machine production in the 90's has developed into the pre-printing of corrugated cartons in the automated production line of today's production lines. In terms of both output and quality, it has reached an unprecedented speed of development. This shows that China's corrugated paper box packaging industry has basically realized the professional division of labor in the industry.

Development means that opportunities and challenges coexist. Behind the rapid development, we feel that the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the demands for quality and service are getting higher and higher. Although the practice has become more and more sophisticated, the unit profit has gradually declined. Faced with such a severe test, everyone is thinking about how to reduce production costs as much as possible, improve the production quality of corrugated boxes, production efficiency, and recover investment costs as soon as possible. This sounds like a contradiction, but after careful analysis it is not. In China, due to geographical differences, the relative surplus of labor force and diversified market demands determine that there is still much room for development for small and medium-sized corrugated-cardboard packaging enterprises in China in the next 10 to 15 years. As long as these companies correctly position their investment direction and product production direction. The above difficulties can be completely avoided. The following describes a new corrugated box production process: corrugated carton preprinting. Here is an example of the paper gravure preprinting machine produced by Xi'an Qinhua Company. Because the imported equipment is expensive, domestic small and medium-sized corrugated box manufacturers may find it difficult to accept.

Xi'an Qinhua Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of printing and packaging machinery. In recent years, with the change of the printing and packaging market in our country, this company has continuously developed printing and packaging equipment suitable for China's national conditions. For example, the first 8-color wide paper intaglio printing machine made in China was successfully developed at Xi'an Qinhua Co., Ltd., and was sold to Guangdong and imported equipment in Guangdong. It was highly praised by users and industry professionals. After analyzing the status quo of corrugated box manufacturers in China, the company also developed and developed a paper intaglio preprinter suitable for the development of small and medium-sized corrugated box manufacturers in China. Among them, QHZH-61650 Zhangao Preprinting Machine, QHZH-31500 Paper gravure printing presses and QHZ-6950 type playing cards printers have provided users with good economic benefits, which proves that China's small and medium-sized corrugated box manufacturers use home-made equipment, which is a good strategy to solve the current difficulties.

Corrugated box preprinting process

The so-called "gravure preprinted" corrugated carton refers to the use of a large-sized unit gravure printing machine to print the carton pattern on the web. After printing, it is still rolled into a roll, and then the printed web is used as a corrugated paper production line on the carton facing paper. Corrugated cardboard boxes are made and cut into carton shapes with a die cutter. Here we use the paper concave preprinting machine produced by Qinhua Company to talk about the advantages of preprinted corrugated carton production.

The speed of gravure preprinting machines is usually much higher than other printing methods (generally domestic equipment is 120m/min to 200m/min. Actual speed is determined according to actual production conditions and can be matched with numerous domestic corrugated paper production lines. Then, the printed web is directly compounded with the corrugated paper production line and the corrugated paper, which not only shortens the production process of the traditional production of the carton board, but also reduces the labor cost and raw material consumption, and improves the production work efficiency. Paper concave preprinting machine overlay accuracy less than ± 0. 2mm, the number of printing lines up to 300 lines, the maximum amount of ink is 6. 5g / m2, after printing each color group unit has a drying device, fully drying, so very It is easy to get a full, soft, bright and firm carton surface. The roller used in the paper concave preprinting machine is a steel chrome-plated electric engraving plate, which can print up to 4 million prints, which can reduce the number of changes and save raw materials. It is suitable for the production of large-volume long-run, and can guarantee printing. The pattern and color of the product are highly consistent. The corrugated box produced by gravure preprinting is completed in the corrugator machine production line, so there is a certain heating and forming time when manufacturing corrugated board. The corrugated paper box finally produced is not only high in strength, but also flat and firm, and can avoid the production of the veneer machine. The unevenness of the glue causes the cardboard box to sag and warp. The ink used in gravure preprinting is mainly alcohol-soluble ink or water-based paper ink. The pre-printed roll paper carton must be glued, compounded, flattened, and dried in the upper corrugated paper production line. Therefore, the ink used must be more stringent. Otherwise, the pattern and pattern on the carton paper will be pulled. Flower or drag ink. In view of this, Qinhua Company and ink manufacturers have developed and produced special inks for paper preprinting, which are basically the same as ordinary inks.

The paper concave preprinter is generally divided into five large stations such as a roll-out section, a paper pretreatment system, a printing section, a drying section, and a winding section. As far as its matching with corrugated paper production lines is concerned, the types of preprinting machines can be divided into: 1300 type, 1650 type, 1800 type, 2000 type, 2200 type and 2500 type. The number of printing colors is 5 to 8 colors (adding or subtracting and applying processes). At present, the speed of domestic gravure preprinting equipment ranges from 120 to 200 meters per minute. The printed paper commonly uses reel coated copper paper, coated whiteboard paper, and coated cattle paperboard with the thickness of 120-350 g/m2. Overprint accuracy It is ±0. 2mm. The QHZH-61650 paper intaglio preprinting machine produced by Xi'an Qinhua Company is used here as an example to talk about the installation and working conditions of each station of the gravure preprinting machine.

The first is a complete roll change system. As everyone knows, the complete unwinding and unwinding system for prepress equipment is an important part of improving work efficiency and saving raw materials. The replacement system of the 61650 sigma printer produced by Qinhua Company is a high-speed full-automatic joint changer. The complete work of the entire system unwinding system includes automatic support and automatic shaft clamping on the coil, automatic reversal positioning, and roll-up. Diameter detection pre-speed synchronous drive, tape position detection and indenter cutting, floating roller positioning system and traction and so on. It is characterized by the ground lifter loading and unloading the paper roll, the retractable winding shaftless hydraulic centering clamping, the flip pre-driver and the joint cutting are all automatically completed according to the setting procedure. Docking joint systems produce very little waste and are negligible. Smooth butt joints have little effect on the printing process. In the state where the high-speed printing does not decrease the speed, the joint unloading roll only produces very few scraps. The floating roller detection closed-loop control system can stabilize, balance and compensate for the tension fluctuation and impact generated by rewinding and rewinding. Retracting coil traction prevents and disconnects tension fluctuations in the entire refueling joint without affecting printing. The traction drive for retracting and unwinding adopts a digital vector control system, complete closed-loop control through PLC and man-machine interface, making the unwinding work in a constant tension state, and winding up to operate in a taper tension state.

The pre-printing system for gravure pre-printing is a process usually set up by a paper concave preprinting machine. It generally includes three purposes: First, control the paper printing water (water content of 5 ~ 7%), so that the paper in the subsequent printing process, the paper web is unchanged or slightly changed, so as to achieve printing, accurate printing purpose. The second is to remove paper dust and foreign matter, so that the paper surface is clean, so that it will not appear in the subsequent printing process and block the plate printing phenomenon. The third is to improve the affinity of the paper surface with the ink in the printing state, so that the paper is full and firm in ink during printing.

When paper pre-printing machine pre-printing paper, control the paper moisture is usually heated with a hot air hood or set on the positive and negative sides of the paper hot cylinder heating control two methods. The former has high process efficiency, but has a slight impact on the microscopic gloss of the paper surface, and the latter has low process efficiency, but the microscopic gloss of the paper surface is better maintained. Paper dust removal process usually uses soft brush dust or vacuum suction method. For paper, the parameters of different parameters, such as different thicknesses, grammage or the same grammage or thickness of papers with different textures, and the same products with different products, are different in the pretreatment process. Depending on the circumstances.

Concave preprinted printing department: It is the core station of the entire equipment. The printing section usually includes an embossing roller system, a transmission box system, a plate support adjustment system, an ink supply system, a doctor blade system, and a register offset compensation system. Taking Qinhua QHZH-61650 paper preprinting machine as an example, its embossing roller system consists of an imprinting rubber roller, a back-pressure steel roller, a linear sliding guide rail and a return-position self-locking pneumatic system, which can well ensure the ink. Good transfer of printing state, uniform and stable pressure balance on the printing pressure line, flexible and accurate printing of the printing roller, and self-locking of the embossing roller when it is stopped. Concave preprinting machine gearbox and printing support adjustment system: a shaft support plate drive system, shaftless platen support drive system and roller out of the car support plate system. No matter what kind of support transmission shape has the initial version of the unified version and the initial pre-version function. The transmission box has high precision, low noise and long service life. The ink supply system adopts a semi-closed ink-jet supply mode. When the printing roller receives ink, it has a certain pressure. When high-speed printing is performed, sufficient ink can be obtained for each dot on the screen, thereby achieving the effect of full color printing. The scraper system adopts two types of fixed and mobile constructions. The scraper blades are made of high-quality, high-elasticity steel and combined. Squeegee pressure using adjustable pneumatic floating pressure device. The squeegee can be adjusted and adjusted in three dimensions along with the speed of the host's working vehicle, and the adjustment range is large; it can be adjusted into a corner scraping ink, and can also be adjusted into an elevation squeegee. Computer overprinting, compensation system can memorize and repeat the parameters of the previous work, can reduce the reprint of waste generated by the initial overprint of the same product.

The drying section of the paper preprinter consists of a hot air drying system, an exhaust gas system, and a cooling system. Among them, there are three types of hot air generation: the conversion of hot air by electric energy, the conversion of hot air by steam, and the conversion of hot air by hot oil heating, and the advantages and disadvantages are user-specific. The hot air hoods designed by Qinhua Company include: shape-sealing type, suction exhaust negative pressure type, hot air nozzle type, return air orifice type, working pneumatic opening and closing type, energy-saving secondary air return type, paper surface hot wind vortex movement type and large air volume low temperature Dry type, etc., its structure is designed according to the aerodynamic characteristics, and the performance has reached the requirements of the international high-end equipment drying system. The user can choose according to the type of ink used during production, the set mechanical speed, the type of paper used, etc. The cooling system is mainly for the purpose of ensuring that printing paper does not return moisture and controlling the amount of moisture contained in the printing paper at the time of winding, so as to avoid the printing product sticking together with the printing product. The cooling system is generally double-set cooling, ie the air cooling section and the water cooling roller effectively cool the printing material.

Concave preprinting machine winding department: Qinhua Company adopts an independent electric double arm gantry rotary structure, automatic rotation and positioning control; tension adopts closed-loop automatic tension control system; dual-rewinding scroll adopts non-pressure cone top method; It can be changed at high speed without stopping the machine. The new material shaft is automatically pre-driven. Synchronous pre-drive is controlled synchronously with vector variable frequency motor; the new material shaft can also be manually adjusted laterally. In addition, during the winding process, the printed products can be automatically counted, and the set data can be automatically alarmed to remind the roll change; then the hydraulic lift is used to remove the finished product roll. Finally, the slewing transfer is automatically positioned and the taper tension is set (the taper tension is set on the man-machine interface screen). It is worth mentioning that Qinhua produced the gravure preprinting machine in the receiving department is the biggest feature is: with a cross-cutting of the cross-cutting mechanism, can print directly into the printed product without cutting directly into the machine Sheets of material.

Corrugated carton production broad market prospects

According to industry statistics: 31. 2% of the total number of corrugated boxes in developed countries such as Europe and the United States use gravure preprinting technology. Today abroad is the development of our country tomorrow. In recent years, with the activeness of China's commodity market, the end customer groups of corrugated box manufacturers such as beverages, food, beer, and dairy products have turned their packaging purchases to the new technology of gravure pre-printed corrugated boxes. Among them, after the Guangjin Dong Jinsheng Group Gaofeng Carton Factory purchased Qinhua Company's paper concave preprinting machine, the quality of the company's products, work efficiency, and the economic benefits of the company have doubled. At the same time, we hope that more small and medium-sized corrugated box manufacturers in China will take the development of the national industry as their duty, carefully analyze the corrugated box production market in China, correctly position the company's investment, and accelerate the pace of revitalizing China's corrugated paper box industry.

Reprinted from: China Printing Network

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