Cookware Set, High Heat Resistance and Non-Stick Coating

  • Model NO.: SHCSC-02
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Specification: Product size: 20cm, 24cm, 16cm
  • Type: Pan
  • Health: Carbon Steel Contains Iron Which Is Healthy for Th
  • Origin: China (Mainland)
-Non-stick release. If looked after well and used regularly, black carbon steels non-stick effect gets better
And better. Using oil when cooking, the pan builds up a layer of fat which settles on the pan, making the
Pan darker with better non-stick release
-Better cooking results. During the cooking process it can reach temperature up to 180 degrees much
Faster than other metal like aluminum thus food can sizzle and retain its vitamin content much better
Material Carbon steel
Sizes -20cm fry pan
-24cm fry pan
-16cm 1.5QT S/S covered sauce pan
-20cm 3.0QT S/S covered casserole
-24cm 6.0QT S/S covered dutch oven
-fish pan
-crepe pan
Function  Highly durable that lasts for 10 years or more
* PTFE free, no toxic coating
* Metal tensil safe, no coating which can chip off
* High heat resistance
* General non-stick coatings
* Carbon steel also heats up quickly, thus saving time and energy can withstand high temperatures
* Induction safe
* Suitable for all cooking top surfaces
* Non-stick release, won't degrade with use
* Easy-to-clean
Health benefits Carbon steel contains iron which is healthy for the body

Cookware Set, High Heat Resistance and Non-Stick Coating

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