Common problems in printing workshop: creep printing

The change of the geometric shape of the dots of the printed matter is called creep printing. Creep printing will cause the dots to change from a circle to an ellipse, which will cause the color of the printed matter to change.

There are two main cases of creep printing, one is the deformation of the dot in the printing direction (circumferential direction), and the other is the deformation of the cylinder axis (left and right). This kind of failure situation that may be caused by the combination of printing plates, blankets, cylinders and substrates will lead to a reduction in printing quality.


Print with as little pressure as possible;

Install liner paper correctly (use liner measuring instrument);

Install the blanket carefully and tighten it with a torque wrench;

Install the blanket in the correct direction;

Clean your teeth, and if necessary, regularly adjust your teeth.

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