Common animal blood collection methods

Rat blood was taken multiple times:
Blood extraction from the orbit is a good method. One of the main points is to fix the rat so that the animal cannot be struggling. It is best to ask an experienced teacher for a few more exercises that should be completed.
The following is a continuous puncture of the posterior orbital venous plexus of the rat. The puncture site is the posterior orbital venous plexus between the eyeball and the posterior orbital boundary. A special hard glass straw is used, the tube length is 15 cm, and the front end is drawn into a capillary. When taking blood, grab the animal from the back with your hands, hold the neck with your index finger and thumb, use the light pressure on the neck to condense the veins in the head, and moisten the inner wall of the disinfected straw with anticoagulant. Turn the straw from the inner corner of the eye to the front, and pierce it gently, reaching about 4-5mm deep to reach the posterior orbital venous plexus, and the blood naturally enters the straw. After the required blood volume is obtained, the pressure applied to the neck is removed, and the straw is withdrawn.
Rabbit blood collection:
Recommend a good method: use a venous indwelling needle, also known as a trocar in hospital. It has several advantages.
1 A large amount of blood can be taken at once. It can be taken from the central artery of the rabbit ear, usually more than 50ml can be taken at a time, and the rabbit can be recovered after one week without sacrifice of the rabbit.
2 A small amount of blood can be collected multiple times. The clamping device on the trocar can be used during blood collection.
3 Avoid damage to rabbit ears. Only one successful puncture is required, so the blood vessel is only required to be filled once. After successful puncture, withdraw the needle core and keep the hose in the artery.
Of course, trocars also require heparin treatment, as well as skilled puncture procedures.
How to get blood from pig repeatedly:
Anterior vena cava can be used for blood collection, use a 20mL syringe, preferably a glass, easy to draw. Prepare your own sterile materials. I don't know how big your pig is. The big one is not good for Baoding.
With the pig face up, extend the forelimbs to both sides. The needle is inserted vertically at the clavicle fossa on the left neck of the pig. During the needle insertion process, the syringe is kept under negative pressure and blood can automatically flow into the syringe. Operate carefully, do not pierce blood vessels.

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