China Fully Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Sale (105SF)

Model NO.: 105SF
Hot Stamping Pressure Factor: Hot Stamping Temperature
Decisive Factor: Pressure
Certificate: ISO9001, SGS
Trademark: EXCELCUT
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: 7380x4100x2120mm
Origin: China
HS Code: 8441809000
EXCELCUT Fully Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Sale

>>>  About EXCELCUT

WenHong ExelCut series of  automatic die cutting machine is equipped with Japan custom-made feeder to ensure the stabilization and smoothness of sheet feeding. Speed up to 7500sheets/hr and accuracy within 0.15mm.
We offer three sides stripping and fully stripping as option. The high precision, reliable performance and durability  make it one of the best options for die cutting.

>>>  Specification
Model 105SF
Max.Paper size 1050x750mm
Min.Paper size 400x360mm
Max. Die cutting size 1040x720mm
Max.Stamping size 1020x720mm
Inner chase size 1080x745mm
Material 90-2000gsm cardboard.  
0.1-2mm cardboard, corrugated cardboard ≤ 4mm
Speed Max.7500sheets/hr ( die cutting)
Max.6000sheets/hr (stamping)
Working Pressure 300T
Max.feeding paper pile height 1200mm
Max.conveying paper pile height 1000mm
Electrical heating System 12 individual zones, Max.heating temperature 120ºC
Machine weight 16T
Machine Size 7380x4100x2120mm
Air pressure 0.6MPa
Registration Accuracy ±0.075mm
Gripper Edge 8-12mm
Max.foil Diameter 250mm (vertical)
250mm (horizontal)

>>>  Sections

1. feeding

China Fully Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Sale (105SF)

* adopts the unique design of the front paper technology devices.
* paper stack damper can be adjusted in accordance with the thickness of the paper.
* automatically adjust the left and right side boards, also can be independent position fine-tuning.
* choose high pressure blower, air volume can adjust frequency conversion.
* both sides a a lateral positioning rules (PUSHLAY).
* high quality resistant conveyor belt, pressure paper brush can adapt to different thickness of the cardboard.
* advanced phase adjusting mechanism, can be in the process of operation, non-stop to adjust paper in place of time.
* unique design of the cardboard to the gauge before retarding mechanism, to ensure the cardboard paper margin rules before the arrival of leading edge smooth, to ensure that the die cutting precision.

2.Hot Stamping

China Fully Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Sale (105SF)

* the hot stamping department control system adopts the most advanced technology 
* air-cooled foil tension shaft;
* full computer control gold foil walking, jogging set programming;
* put gold standard for biaxial scroll namely SanZongLiangHeng institutions;
* hot stamping department each axis has a high-power servo motor drive, and independent programming set gold foil walking, jogging;

3. Die Cutting

China Fully Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Sale (105SF)

* turbine crank toggle high-precision flat die cutting workbench.
* stationary plane with high precision die-cutting on the workbench.
* die cutting operation safety door and plate and frame safety lock system.
* brand pneumatic clutch/brake.
* the latest technology multiple disk CAM intermittent transmission mechanism.
* automatic voltage regulator, reduce the operating strength.
* high precision imported diao paper tooth row of transmission chain.
* 8 diao paper tooth row, each row 12 (imported spring steel sheet) diao paper tooth and tooth pillow.
* the configuration magic eye, mouth and out of the paper inlet paper and paper in wide quick detection.
* die cutting knife plate with central positioning system, easy loading plate quickly.
* electronic fault display screen and speed.
* components cooling ring back device for the forced lubrication system oil oil distribution display and fault alarm device.

4. Delivery
Full auto master stacking with one standby,user friendly with jobs of different kinds
Tag-in Option;
Buffer for gripper tension adjustment;
Brush and air to square the batch;
Auto lubrication for main chain;

5. Electric control system

Imported PLC controls the operation of machine and fault monitoring system(display screen).
Electrical components and electrical wiring adopt Western countries' advanced safety standards.(CE approved)

6. Floor Plan
China Fully Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Sale (105SF)

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China Fully Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Sale (105SF)


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