Care, Snow Show insists on herbal beauty

Autumn leaves are getting yellow, Asia's top skin care products - Snow Show will be launched in September this autumn, two herbal extracts - Snowflake Show Art Rui Lip Balm and Snowflake Show Herb Essence in this autumn and winter , fully protect your skin!


Snowflake Show Art Rui Ning Lip Balm 15ml

A functional Korean lip gel that provides lip nutrition and moisture to improve lip contours.

Snowflake Show Art Rui Ning Lip Balm provides sufficient nutrients and moisture to the lips. It is known as a functional Korean lip gel for excellent lip-improvement.

Snowflake Xiuyi Rui Ning Lip Balm contains a variety of precious ingredients. The red ginseng saponin extracted from Korean red ginseng can increase the formation of collagen, help to improve the fine lines of the lips, and create a rich and smooth lip, while the royal jelly Rich nutrition not only can effectively moisturize, but also stimulate cell regeneration, moisturizing and not sticky after application.

Fruit extracts such as yellow apricots, plums, peaches, etc., can remove lip keratin and create soft and moist lips.


Apply a scented lip balm to your lips when they are dry or before going to sleep.


Snowflake Show Herbs Serum 7ml*5

A high-concentration Korean herbal extract that is like the skin's health and tonic, helps the skin to solidify and strengthen the skin, so that the skin can reach its best in the shortest time!

The high-concentration Korean herbal extract, which is developed by Snowflake Show, is a “first aid station” for skin. It helps the skin to solidify and strengthen the skin, and it is completely sensitive to the skin due to seasonal changes. Amenorrhea, surgery and other skin damage and ages coincide with women's 7-year cycle turning point and other groups, strengthen the skin, enhance the skin's resilience, reduce external factors on the skin, so that the skin in the shortest possible time to achieve fine and firm The best state.

The core ingredient of Alum Herbal Essence, alum complex, contains a variety of precious Chinese herbal medicines. It needs 18 hours to refine it like a traditional Chinese medicine. It can quickly repair damaged skin and reconcile the skin's natural rhythm. With ginseng and astragalus supplements "qi", it is full of vitality and enhances the ability to cope with the environment. It uses Sichuan, Chinese, and wormwood to make up "blood" to promote blood circulation and improve skin's self-repairing ability.

Rich in carnation, increasing collagen synthesis and improving wrinkles.


After applying the toner in the morning and evening, rub your hands for about 30 seconds, press the alum herbal essence once on your cheeks, chin, forehead, and gently massage the product three times in a pull-up manner until the product is absorbed.

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