Automatic volumetric specific surface area and micropore tester

Detailed explanation of automatic volumetric specific surface area and micropore tester

The V-Sorb 2800MP volumetric specific surface area and micropore tester is a fully automatic intelligent specific surface area and pore size testing instrument independently developed by Jinai Spectrum Technology.It adopts the static volumetric measurement principle and is used by many famous scientific research institutes and top 500 enterprises. Compared with similar domestic products, the adoption of a number of original technologies has improved the overall performance of the product, the accuracy and consistency of the test results have been further improved, the stability of the test process is stronger, reaching the international advanced level of similar products, and some functions have surpassed foreign countries. product.

Jinaipu Technology is the earliest institution in China to participate in the calibration of specific surface area standard materials.The test results are best parallel to foreign data and obtain the test certificate of an authoritative certification agency.At the same time, Jinyepu Technology is also the registered capital scale in the same industry in China. The largest and only enterprise that has passed ISO9001 certification, strong strength and perfect quality and service system, let you buy products without worries!

Automatic volumetric specific surface area and performance parameters of micropore tester

Test methods and functions: Nitrogen adsorption vacuum volume method (vacuum static method), adsorption and desorption isotherm measurement, BJH total pore volume and mesopore micropore distribution test, sample true density determination, t-plot graph micropore analysis, MP method micropore analysis, HK method micropore analysis, BET method specific surface area measurement (single and multi-point), Langmuir method specific surface area measurement, average particle size estimation, t-plot chart method external surface area determination;

Measuring range: 0.01 (㎡ / g)-to no upper limit (specific surface area), 0.35nm-500nm (aperture);

Measurement accuracy: repeatability error is less than 1.5%;

Partial pressure range: P / Po accurate controllable range up to 5x10-0.6-0.995;

Ultimate vacuum: 4x10-2Pa (3x10-4Torr);

Sample type: powder, granule, fiber and sheet material, etc .;

Test gas: high purity N2 gas (99.999%) or other (select according to need such as Ar, Kr);

Data collection: high-precision and highly integrated data collection module, small error, strong anti-interference ability;

Vacuum system: V-Sorb's original cartridge pipeline and solenoid valve control system, greatly reducing the dead space of the pipeline, improving the sensitivity of detecting small changes in adsorbed gas, and thereby improving the resolution of the mesopore micropore distribution test; At the same time, the cartridge pipeline reduces the connection points, greatly improving the sealing and the service life of the instrument;

Liquid level control: V-Sorb's original liquid nitrogen surface control system ensures that the position of the liquid nitrogen surface relative to the sample tube remains unchanged throughout the test, completely eliminating measurement errors introduced by changes in dead volume;

Control system: using programmable controller solenoid valve control system, high integration and anti-interference ability, improve instrument stability and service life;

Number of samples: simultaneous analysis of 2 samples and degassing of 2 samples;

Pressure measurement: Imported dual pressure sensor with pressure segment measurement, significantly improve the test accuracy at low P / Po point, 0-1000 Torr (0-133Kpa), 0-10 Torr (0-1.33Kpa);

Pressure accuracy: The imported silicon thin film pressure sensor has an accuracy of 0.15% of the actual reading, which is better than 0.15% of the full range, much higher than the accuracy of the Pirani resistance vacuum gauge (general error is 10% -15%);

Data processing: Windows compatible data processing software, complete functions, simple operation, multi-mode data analysis, graphical data analysis result report.

Features of Fully Automatic Volumetric Specific Surface Area and Micropore Tester

A. Volumetric specific surface area and micropore tester vacuum system

1) The original integrated containerized pipeline system adopts imported container pipelines, which significantly reduces the pipeline connection points, greatly reduces the air leakage rate, and improves the ultimate vacuum;

2) Modular structure design, integrated manifold piping, few parts that need to be manually connected, which is conducive to configuration according to user needs and later function expansion, which is conducive to maintenance and replacement;

3) A Sino-German joint venture vacuum pump is used, with low noise, stable operation, excellent oil-proof return function, and high ultimate vacuum, up to 4x10-2Pa (3x10-4Torr);

B. Volumetric specific surface area and micropore tester control system

1) A programmable controller solenoid valve control system widely used in industrial control systems is adopted, which has strong anti-interference ability, greatly improved stability, and is very convenient for installation and disassembly;

2) The unique design of the separation structure of the test system pipeline and the sample processing pipeline effectively prevents the contamination of the test pipeline caused by impurities generated in the sample processing process;

C. Measures of volumetric specific surface area and micropore tester to improve test accuracy

1) Adopt high-precision silicon thin-film pressure sensor of the same brand as similar imported products, and the pressure measurement accuracy is 0.15% of the corresponding reading, which is far better than 0.15% of full-scale accuracy (FS) sensor;

2) Similar to similar foreign products, adopts dual pressure sensors of 0-10 Torr and 0-1000 Torr, and adopts segmented measurement of the pressure within the test range, which greatly reduces the measurement error under low vacuum, and the accuracy of silicon thin film pressure sensors of 0-10 Torr Pirani resistance vacuum gauge much higher than the same range (general error is 10% -15%);

3) The original integrated containerized pipeline system adopts imported container pipelines, which significantly reduces pipeline connection points and greatly reduces dead volume space, which is conducive to reducing measurement errors;

4) The original stepped liquid nitrogen surface control system ensures that the position of the liquid nitrogen surface relative to the sample tube remains unchanged throughout the test, completely eliminating the measurement errors introduced by the change in dead volume;

5) The uniquely designed pumping and intake control system effectively prevents the sample from evacuating and splashing during the intake process, ensures the cleanliness of the test gas path and no loss of sample quality, and protects the high-precision pressure sensor from possible pressure changes. Zero point and linear drift;

D. Data collection and processing of volumetric specific surface area and micropore tester

1) Adopt high-precision and high-integration data acquisition module, convenient connection, small error, and anti-interference ability; adopt industry standard 485 communication mode, which is conducive to equipment expansion and interconnection, and can be easily converted to RS232 and USB communication mode;

2) A variety of theoretical calculation model data analysis to provide users with a full range of material analysis solutions; powerful test data archiving and query system, which is conducive to user data management.

E. Volumetric specific surface area and application range of micropore tester

| 1) Analysis and determination of the specific surface area of ​​ultrafine powders, nanomaterials, particles and fibrous materials;
2) Product quality monitoring at the production site of powder material production and application companies;
3) Materials research and testing of universities and research institutes, adsorption science and BET theoretical teaching experiments;
4) Measurement of battery materials, catalysts, additives, adsorbents, ceramic sintered materials, magnetic materials, energy storage materials, etc .;
5) Other research work related to material surface properties.

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