Analysis of the requirements for small and high temperature test chamber accessories

The factors that determine the quality of the high and low temperature test chamber are generally the appearance of the whole machine, the compressor of the refrigeration system, and the control instruments of the control system. At a glance, the appearance of the test box will give a clear picture of the material. Generally, there are two types of stainless steel materials and A3 steel plate spray treatment. These two materials are the most used materials in the ring test industry. The quality of the compressor directly determines the refrigeration system of the high and low temperature test chamber. It is the heart of the refrigeration system and the highest cost. It is an important factor in determining its price. At present, there are four commonly used brands of compressors in test chambers: Danfoss, Taikang, Bitzer and Copeland. The control instruments generally have digital display and touch screen, and there are also domestic and imported. The price is also different.

The editor explains the requirements for other small accessories for a good test box:

Door handle: adopts non-reaction door handle

Caster: fixed PU activity theory

Observation window: super vision high temperature resistant double-layer hollow tempered glass,

Lighting: Imported Philips conical brand lighting

Refrigerant: R23, R404 environmentally friendly refrigerant

In addition to the three important organizational components that directly determine the performance of the high and low temperature test chamber, the brand performance of some of the above parts cannot be ignored. The high and low temperature test chamber is used as a testing device to verify the performance of the product. The accessories all play an important role and have a good guarantee for completing the experiment.

Analysis of the requirements for small and high temperature test chamber accessories

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