Analysis of the difference between paint-free door and painted door

Nothing to do with decoration, no matter what aspect can not be ignored, no best, only better. When choosing the gate, we always have the confusion of " the difference between the paint-free door and the paint door. " Don't worry, let the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian come to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two doors for everyone. I hope that everyone will gain something after watching it!


The paint-free door, as the name implies, is a wooden door that does not need to be painted. Most of the current paint-free doors on the market refer to PVC veneer doors. It is made of PVC veneer vacuum blister processing on the outermost surface of solid wood composite door or molded door. The same is true for the door cover and PVC veneer treatment. There is also a finished wooden door that has been painted by the factory, also called a paint-free door, and whether the environmental protection is mainly depends on the quality of the materials and glue of the base layer.

Advantages and disadvantages of the paint-free door:

Advantages: 1. A variety of color changes, more modern and individualistic and green requirements. 2. The surface of the product is smooth and bright, free of paint, which can avoid the terrible consequences of toxic gases emitted from the air after using other decorative materials. 3. Once formed, the construction period is short, that is, the delivery acceptance can be enjoyed and the dream can be realized in advance. 4. Using foreign advanced manufacturing technology, using high-quality imported raw materials to develop paint-free decorative materials, with anti-collision. Not self-igniting. Anti-insect mites. Moisture-proof. Anti-corrosion. Good maintenance. Non-toxic. Odorless. No pollution. 5. Convenient construction, can be cut, sawn, can be created, can be nailed. 6. According to your identity, environment, personality, taste to change a variety of different shapes, is the ideal material for home decoration. Interior decoration.

Disadvantages of the paint-free door:

The poor quality of the paint-free door is long, and the disadvantage of easy exposure is that it is susceptible to humidity, temperature and air, which causes the surface to be deformed.

The paint door, that is, the dust-free paint process on the outside of the door panel, is not attached, and is the paint door that is heated and dried in the drying room after painting. The utility model has the advantages of bright color, strong visual impact, good surface smoothness, easy scrubbing, good moisture resistance and fireproof performance. The paint door is mostly made of MDF as the substrate, and the back side is melamine. The process is complicated, the processing cycle is long, and the price is relatively high. The types of high-grade PU paint doors are divided into piano paint and metal (car) paint, and metal paint is better than piano paint.

  Advantages of the paint door:
1, no edge banding, divided into single-sided baking varnish, double-sided baking varnish. The waterproof part is sealed with a lacquer finish and the surface is shiny. 2, the overall effect is good, not stagnation of oil. Generally divided into bright light, matt, pearl light. The most visual impact. 3, high grade is not easy to change can be done as a bathroom cabinet, easy to clean and improve the brightness of the room. 4, spray paint: the door panel made of polyester paint through the spraying process, no need to bake the surface, after the production is matt effect. Baking paint can usually be made in more than 30 colors. The best baking process is Italy.


  Disadvantages of the paint door:

The process level is high, the scrap rate is high, the price is high; the use should be carefully taken care of, fear of bumps and scratches, once it is damaged, it is difficult to repair, and the whole should be replaced; the kitchen with more soot is prone to chromatic aberration. It is more suitable for young and high-end consumers who are looking for fashion with high appearance and quality requirements. Be careful when cleaning, do not scrub with a steel ball to avoid scratches and scratches are too heavy to repair, and there will be powdery substances falling off by gravity!

In short, in simple terms, whether you want to choose a paint-free door or a paint door, the first thing to look at is where the price of the paint-free door is generally low, and the service life is short, it is easy to get wet and damage, and the appearance is not The paint door is strong, so the paint-free door is now commonly used in some small hotels, and the kitchen bathroom is difficult to adapt.

The above is the decoration of the decoration home network Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the difference between the paint-free door and the paint door , I believe you have a certain understanding after reading. Want to know more about the relevant knowledge, please pay attention to the decoration encyclopedia to inquire!

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