Adjusting the light source to overcome the problem of printing after the printing plate

In multiple spell prints, there are often times when the layout is inconsistent after printing, and the dots are reduced to different colors, and even irregular and unshaped flowers appear. The solution is as follows:

1, in the voltage, current and exposure time under the same conditions, the main application of direct light print, if the light source adjustable printing machine, to adjust the light position of the idiocy lamp to direct light position, if it is positioning lights, it is necessary Adjust the position of the PS version.

Because the printing film also has an emulsion layer, the image portion on the film is exposed after the development by exposure to an uneven surface above the film. During the printing process, if the light is obliquely projected to the graphic part during exposure, it will affect the restoration of the graphic. Therefore, vertical light should be used for printing. The larger the format, the longer the lamp should be to keep the verticality of light as much as possible.

2, multi-splicing environmental printing lighting to use as much as possible the use of yellow light, because fluorescent tubes are currently used UV components, and the PS version of the photosensitive range is also in the blue-violet area.

3, multiple spells in the sun operation, the action should be fast and always pay attention to cover with light black paper, in order to avoid the crosshairs in the multiple operation process, due to long exposure time caused by the layout of the flower exposure exposure shadow.

4, manual development is not standardized, is not strict, even with a large row of pens to help significantly, it is easy to cause layout defects.

5. To solve other quality problems that may occur on the PS plate production line, a high-quality PS plate should be used.

Source: Realistic Printing Materials

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