4D makeup comes from Dior Makeup

Full color and smudged eyes, like the silky and charming texture of the evening dress collar, the curling beauty eyelashes stretched, like the complex curve of the corolla skirt, the background of the show, Dior make-up artist group will play color and light and shadow, The magical art that has been transformed into a supermodel's exquisite face instantly creates an incredible all-round 4D glamorous make-up, reinterpreting the "new look" architectural beauty that Christian Dior Dior set in 1947.


Dior's make-up concept continues the high-quality custom-made show's light and shadow creativity. It is also inspired by the show's kimono to create amazing cosmetics. It is a divine makeup artist who is active in the backstage of the show. The sharp weapon, whether it is arbitrarily swayed or meticulously decorated, can make the models show the unusual charm of the models. Let's take a look at the secret "tools" in the Dior Makeup Artist's Day Makeup Case.


The infinite change of light and dark tones on the eyelids shines with the fascinating eyes of the deepest. Dior Makeup Artists easily create an eye-catching layering with a new Dior3 smoky eye. Use a sponge stick to make a base cream, and the smooth and melty texture makes the subsequent makeup more comfortable. The matte color eyeshadow is smudged along the eyelids with a long eye shadow brush. The short eye shadow brush outlines the inner eye corner sculpture eye shadow, and then draws round lines along the root of the eyelashes, or smudges to the eye folds to form a charming peach apricot eye. The pearly color gently sweeps through the center of the eyelids and the inner and outer corners of the eye, showing the ultimate refined style. If you use Dior Dior waterproof eyeliner to create a strong contrast of eye contours, it will be more three-dimensional beauty, highlighting the charm of the eyes.

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