351-50-8, D-2-amino-3-(4-imidazolyl)propionic acid

351-50-8, D-2-amino-3-(4-imidazolyl)propionic acid manufacturers also have elisa kits, immunohistochemistry kits, culture media, antibodies, standards and other products; high repeatability; High reliability; purchase ELISA kit, free agent test; Elisa kit technical service requirements: professional, standardized, efficient. Guangrui Bio provides more, more complete and better product technical services. Welcome to inquire! English name: D-Histidine; D-2-Amino-4 (or 5) imidazolepropionic acid; (R)-2-Amino-3-(4-imidazolyl) propionic acid Other names: D-2-amino-3-( 4-imidazolyl)propionic acid; D-histidine; D-glycineline-5-leucine CAS number: 351-50-8C6H9N3O2=155.16 grade: BR content: ≥99.0% specific optical rotation: -13.5~ -15.5° chloride: ≤ 0.10% heavy metal: ≤ 10 ppm arsenic salt: ≤ 2 ppm dry weight loss: ≤ 0.20% ignition residue: ≤ 0.20% trait: white or off-white crystalline powder. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, chloroform, ether and. Melting point 287 ~ 288 ° C Uses: Biochemical research preservation: RT

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