How to perform long-distance running exercises in winte…

Winter is a good season to carry out group activities. Long-distance running, as the most popular mass sports program, is deeply loved by people of all ages. Long-distance running exercises in winter not only enhance physical fitness, resist cold, but also boost morale and exercise will. So how do ......Reading more

Experts teach you how to run scientifically

Running sounds easy, but do you know how to run science? Yesterday, the 2012 Guangzhou Marathon-Nutrilite Health Professionals released an investigation report and introduced the scientific running methods for citizens participating in the Guangzhou Marathon. According to the survey data, 47% of ......Reading more

Kindergarten Christmas theme environment

In the finishing paper roll automatic conveying and packing system. Identify the paper roll on the conveyor line and transfer the identification information to the control system for automated sorting.Distribute the rolls automatically. ......Reading more

Corrugating roller technical specifications

The main technical indicators of corrugating roller have been clearly defined in the national standard GBl2070-89 (middle and low-speed corrugated board production line). For the corrugating roller used in the high-speed corrugated board production line with a running speed of 120m/min or more, t ......Reading more

Disposable paper plate fish handmade

Handmade materials: paper trays , moving eyes , pigments Fishing PliersBest Fishing Pliers,Fish Pliers,Saltwater Fishing Pliers,Aluminum Fishing PliersYangjiang Gold Source Industrial Co., Ltd. , ......Reading more

Itai soft bag series of door wardrobes show Chinese ele…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] As modern people slowly accept the design concept of the overall home, soft decorative design is more and more popular with consumers. Today, Xiaobian introduces a design concept to personalization. It adopts the style of “soft and hard” and sh ......Reading more

Income and profit double fell, home-listed companies in…

Home-listed companies break through National Building Materials Home Furnishings BHI shows that from January to June this year, the sales value of enterprises above designated size in the national building materials industry was 2.5 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16%, and the growth rat ......Reading more