The autumn night is deeper and deeper.

  I have studied furniture that has been written for decades and has been written for decades. Mr. Wang Shizhen’s description of furniture has been excellent. Reading a little more, I gradually understood the old mood and kindness of Wang Lao. Wang Lao said that Huanghuali furnitur ......Reading more

Different legs type stovepipe scheme

First, muscle type The muscles of your legs are very strong. If you want your legs to become thin, you must first let the muscles of your legs come back, and you should stretch the hamstrings. The natural legs will look slender! Recommended practice: A1, because muscle strength is the most diffi ......Reading more

High and Low Temperature Tensile Testing Machine Mainte…

The instruments need longer service life, and the maintenance of high and low temperature tensile testing machines should pay attention to the following points: 1, the control panel on the temperature control table, timers and other parts of the function should be avoided in the following place ......Reading more

Milk box villa handmade

Cabin in the heart Handmade materials: milk box , crepe paper , corrugated paper , colored paper, double-sided tape, latex, scissors Cut the bulge on the top of the milk carton Milk carton on paper Corrugated roof Door and window Painting the window Wrinkled paper t ......Reading more

Pre-press platemaking process related terms (8)

Color reproduction colorrendition The relationship between tone reproduction between original color and reproduction color. Chromatography coloratlas With the standard cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks, the sum of the color patches of various colors is superimposed at different dot percenta ......Reading more

Pre-press plate making process related terms (9)

Contact Screen Contact Screen Manuscript or continuous color separation film and contact screen, photosensitive film close exposure screening process. Electronic screening The process of screening the manuscript by a dot generator on an electronic color separation machine is also referred to as ......Reading more

How to choose the floor and furniture style matching

         What color is the floor to choose? What color furniture do you choose? How can the two coordinate with each other? Become a lingering problem in the home decoration process. For us, it is a big problem to skillfully use collocation aesthetics! The choice of floor and ......Reading more