Vacuum freeze dryer use

The vacuum freeze dryer is suitable for the drying of high-grade raw materials, Chinese herbal medicines, biology, wild vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, food, fruits, chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and other materials. After opening the vacuum freeze dryer, the materials are put into the ......Reading more

Taobao Mall Receives Ali's 1.8 Billion Additional I…

On October 17, Alibaba Group announced in Hangzhou that it will invest an additional 1.8 billion yuan in Taobao Mall to build Taobao Mall into a "city of quality". Taobao Mall also announced five support measures for merchants that day. Alibaba Group Chairman Ma Yun and Taobao Mall Pres ......Reading more

Human interleukin 5 (IL-5) ELISA detection kit

This kit can only be used for scientific research, not for medical diagnosis Human interleukin 5 (IL-5) ELISA detection kit user's Guide Detection principle The kit uses double antibody one-step sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). To the coated microwells pre-coated with th ......Reading more

Enzyme Linked Immunoassay (ELISA) Instructions for Huma…

Our company is a supplier of ELISA kits. The price is fair. The pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services are at your service. Provide free test service, please call us! Human bactericidal / permeability increased protein (BPI) enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) Kit instruction manual This reage ......Reading more

Human Sleep Promoting Peptide (DSIP) Elisa Kit

Instructions for Human Sleep Promoting Peptide (DSIP) Elisa Kit The human sleep promoting peptide (DSIP) Elisa kit is for research use only. Detection range: 96T90pg / ml-2000pg / ml Purpose: This kit is used to determine the content of sleep promoting peptide (DSIP) in human serum, plasma and ......Reading more

Evaluation: Zhibang kitchen cabinet environmental prote…

"Look at the halls and look at the kitchens in the rich"-Modern kitchens have an increasingly important position for a family. Faced with the assortment of cabinet brands on the market, we often feel at a loss how to choose. The editor also learned that the overall cabinets are de ......Reading more

Notes on fixture maintenance

The peeling test machine is a high-performance mechanical testing device. The operation of various tests depends on the choice of the fixture. The following are the nine points for attention: 1. Regularly check whether the fixture is damaged. 2. Regularly check whether the pressure gauge is accurate ......Reading more