Spot hologram anti-fake packaging label launch

A German company recently developed a new type of anti-counterfeit labeling system that uses laser beams to digitize data information in the form of micrometer-sized light spots and identify the authenticity of products by identifying holograms formed by light spots. This new type of anti-counterf ......Reading more

Development and Application of Carton Moistureproof Var…

Carton is a packing and transportation box made of corrugated paper. It is an indispensable packaging container in production and life. It has the characteristics of light and strong protection of goods, recyclable use, and convenient loading and unloading. It is widely used in household appliance ......Reading more

Water transfer printing ink and glue requirements

1. Water transfer printing ink Water transfer printing inks are generally inks for water transfer labels. It is best to use the same brand of inks, additives, thinners, and glue in a batch to avoid chemical reactions. Water transfer printing inks are available everywhere at the supplier. Water t ......Reading more

Quality Control and Control Points of Corrugated Paper …

The main points of quality control of water-based inks: pH is a very important factor in water-based printing inks. Lack of control or incorrect pH can cause many problems and can also affect the viscosity of aqueous inks. The general water-based ink pH range should be between 8 and 9. Control t ......Reading more

Variable data printing from the designer's point of…

As part of the "New Printing Company", commercial printing plants have promoted the establishment of close relationships with design companies, advertising agencies, and other companies looking for new opportunities. This new model requires people to provide variable data services as the ......Reading more

How to Use Spot Color in Designing a Plate (Part 2)

Set spot colors with desktop plate software 1. PageMaker, CoreIDraw, or FreeHand The spot color setting of these softwares is relatively simple, as long as the spot color ink (Spot CoIor, nk) can be selected in the color setting, but it is better to use the spot color of the Pantone color librar ......Reading more