Sanding technology and equipment for wooden furniture

Sanding technology is a processing technology widely used by large and small enterprises in the wood processing, furniture and building decoration industries. It is not only used for thickening of wood-based panels and solid wood components, but also for veneers and paint film ......Reading more

Bamboo pyrolysis process

The thermal decomposition of bamboo begins at a temperature slightly above 100 °C. Below 150 °C, the decomposition rate of bamboo is very slow. As the temperature increases, the decomposition rate of bamboo is significantly accelerated. When the temperature rises above a ......Reading more

Section identification and picture of "Jinnan"…

Ordinary nanmu, the new sawn wood cut surface of the industry called "Shuinan", can see a little bit of gold glittering under the reflection of light. Some merchants use this as the "new Jinsi Nan", and sell it at a high price. . In fact, the crystals in th ......Reading more

Iron furniture maintenance code

Iron furniture generally has the characteristics of novel shape, light and beautiful, durable, easy to disassemble or fold, and is very popular among the public. However, if used and maintained improperly, the iron that would have been very durable and good looks will soon los ......Reading more

PET wide-mouth bottle promoted by tomato sauce has good…

At present, the tomato cultivation area in the world is relatively fixed. Due to the influence of climate and policies, the growth of foreign tomato production capacity is not optimistic. On the contrary, with excellent natural conditions, the output of Chinese tomatoes has rapidly increased, and ......Reading more