Lightweight eye cream to remove fat particles

Although there are problems such as dark circles, edema, and fine lines in your eye area, you always give up using the eye cream because of the fat granules. It is an incentive to pick up the eye cream that suits you, or that the eye cream itself is poorly absorbed and too moisturized. However, wom ......Reading more

Reasonable arrangement of overprinting sequence is the …

In color printing, how to arrange colors sequentially is an important issue for process technicians. An important role of printing is to copy the manuscript artistically. This requires the printer to have a certain level of artistic appreciation and ability to grasp the changes in color. Improper ......Reading more

Omitted skin care and maintenance habits - ARTISTRY

Due to various skin problems caused by stress and busy work, women are not afraid to be as crazy as they used to be. They work late night, play all night, sleep big day, don’t eat or drink, and they don’t dare to do it again. The skin seems to have entered an inflection point, and can ......Reading more

Well-received storage conference table

Page 1: The highly acclaimed storage conference table Page 2: The highly acclaimed storage conference table Page 3: The highly acclaimed storage conference table Page 4: The highly acclaimed storage conference table Page 5: The highly acclaimed storage conference table At the Stockholm Furnitu ......Reading more

The charm of geisha makeup reveals

The oriental face is not just the long-haired phoenix eye. The Geisha makeup from the Han Dynasty to the Dong Dynasty contains the mysterious beauty of the pure and elegant oriental women. In the hot summer, give yourself a charm of Geisha makeup and listen to the open sound of cherry blossoms. Ey ......Reading more

Flexible wooden folding seat

Page 1: Flexible wooden folding seat Page 2: Flexible wooden folding seat Designed by a design company in Portland, USA, this wooden folding chair is designed for large venues such as cinemas, auditoriums or lecture theatres. It features a unique plywood-like structure. This "folding" m ......Reading more

How to create a zero makeup effect

Star celebrities are always so fair, beautiful and charming, but their real skin condition is really so good? Today we will share with you the makeup tips of Korean zero makeup! Zero makeup effect With a matte finish and a camel or honey-colored eye shadow, it brings out a pure fresh nature, with ......Reading more