Analyze the matters that the dew point meter pays atten…

In the design of the dew point meter, it is necessary to consider various factors that directly affect the heat and mass exchange in the condensation process. This principle also applies to the selection of operating conditions of dew point instruments that are not too automated. Here we mainly di ......Reading more

Kraft bag making techniques

Kraft paper printing can be flexo, gravure, offset, screen printing process, as long as a good grasp of printing technology essentials, familiar with the printing ink and kraft paper printability, reasonable selection and deployment of ink, control equipment parameters, can obtain t ......Reading more

Read the high-activity staining and observation of mito…

Experimental principle In vivo staining is a method of staining that can stain or not poison cells or tissues of living organisms. Its purpose is to show certain structures within living cells without affecting the life activities of the cells and producing any physical and chemical changes that ......Reading more

How to look at Asian tiles

Home decoration is inseparable from ceramic tiles, it is a good helper for kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and a good decoration for the living room dining room. Among many ceramic tile brands, Asia has always been a leader in the ceramic tile industry. I believe that decorators who are used ......Reading more

Tianjin Nankai University venues survey results show

In December 2014, under the guidance and support of the Institute, the school sports facilities and equipment and equipment work department organized personnel to go to Tianjin to conduct research and investigation on the venues of college sports venues. On the morning of the 13th, the group went to ......Reading more

Granite fire hiking bag to satisfy all your sense of se…

Friends can go out on foot and have a large-capacity walking bag. Whether it is long-distance walking or mountaineering, it is your must-have weapon, and a backpack with excellent carrying system can relieve the fatigue of the journey to some extent. Recommended for everyone today is the Granit ......Reading more

Appreciation of microcrystalline stone tile renderings

Microcrystalline stone is a kind of ceramic tile. Its surface is flat and clean, the color tone is uniform, the texture is clear and elegant, and the gloss is soft and crystal. It is mostly used in any place where stone decoration is needed, such as interior and exterior walls, floors, colu ......Reading more