New polypropylene transparency agent Moldpro931

US company Crompton recently introduced a new chemical structure PP (polypropylene) nucleating agent/transparent agent Moldpro931. According to the company, this is a melt-blending additive, which is much cheaper than melt-mixable sorbitol (DBS) type clearers or non-melt-mixable organic phosphate ......Reading more

Reflections on the Structural Adjustment of Printing an…

Abstract: This paper analyzes the main problems in the printing and equipment industry in China and the new situation facing them. It is believed that another printing and equipment equipment industry must speed up the adjustment of the industry structure and product structure. Adjusting the econ ......Reading more

Improve "Made in China" by Design

Professor Chen Jianjun of the School of Art and Design of Shenzhen University has been awarded the “World Star” highest design award by the World Packaging Organization of the United Nations Council for Social Economics for the second time. The author interviewed Chen Jianjun, who has ......Reading more

Exploration of Adhesive Strength and Appropriate Propor…

At present, there are more than 1,000 automated production lines for corrugated paperboard with more than three or more layers in the country. This does not include the transformation of enterprises themselves. The import of large lines is also common in developed provinces and regions, especially ......Reading more

Glazing using granite waste

Granite is one of the most widely distributed and resource-rich rocks. For a long time, people have continuously extracted it, cut and processed it into plates, and are widely used for interior and exterior decoration of buildings. However, during the mining and cutting process, a large amount of ......Reading more

Artificial Rock Climbing Site in Guangdong--Introductio…

The club covers an area of ​​80,000 square meters and invests 350 million yuan. It is a collection of the world's most fashionable sports and entertainment facilities. It brings together Chinese and Western food culture, and is equipped with a unique dive hall, water park, indoor ......Reading more