A cost-effective bathroom brand with high cost performa…

The bathroom is something that the family has more contact with. Every family wants to buy the best bathroom products to go home, but most first-line bathroom brands are very expensive, and most people can't consume it, and it's not to say that its price Expensive is definitely the ......Reading more

What kind of stone is good for the stove?

The cabinet countertop is the easiest to attract attention. When choosing the countertop, we should pay more attention to the materials of the countertop. The most common market now, there are four cabinet table material: natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof plate, stainless steel, st ......Reading more

How about mobile air conditioner? Advantages and disadv…

With the advancement of technology, the types of air conditioners are also increasing. There is an air conditioner that does not need to be installed with an outdoor unit and can be moved at will. Everyone enters the life of the air conditioner . This is a mobile air conditioner . So ......Reading more

Kyushu space solution electric mixer notes

1. Be sure to ground the wire when using it. 2. If you find that the stirring rod is not in the same state during work, the stirring is unstable. Please turn off the power supply and adjust the clamping chuck so that the stirring rod is concentric. 3. Medium speed mixing can reduce vibration and ......Reading more

3D Printing Philadelphia: Restoring Urban Streetscapes …

Doctor Octoroc is a very creative artist who used 20,000 LEGO bricks to create a complete model of Philadelphia in the United States last year. This work is so much of a concern that the artist decided to do it again. But this time he no longer uses LEGO bricks, he will use 3D printi ......Reading more